Signs Your Family Is Ready For A Pet

Having a pet in the family can be an important part of life for your kids. Not only does it teach them that they need to look after them, but it also gives them something to love and depending on the animal, interact with. If you are thinking about getting a pet, then you might not be sure if this is the right time or not, so here are some tips to help you decide. 
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Are They Comfortable Around Animals?
Many people recommend getting a certain pet to help a child get over a phobia. However if your child has a fear of a certain animal such as a dog or cat, then getting one as a pet might not cure the problem. It might actually make them cautious around the animal and interpret behaviour in the wrong way. For example, when a cat pummels, your child might mistake it for trying to scratch them. There are other ways that you can try to remove an animal fear and it's best to do this before you get a pet. 
Do they Respect Animals?
It is important that your child has respect for all animals, so they can learn to treat them correctly. That goes for domestic and wild animals and those that are homeless and need care. If they are showing compassion and respect for these animals, then this is a good indication that they are ready to care fora pet of their own. 
Eager to Help Around the House
When you get a pet, there are certain responsibilities that your child will need to have to help you take care of it. If your child is good around the house and helps out by keeping their room tidy or cleaning up after themselves, then this shows they are ready to help look after an animal. However, before you get one, you should explain to them the process and what they will need to do. If they are happy to help you, then this is a good sign. 
They Are Willing to Learn
Owning a pet is more than simply having an animal in the house, there are things they need to know about the animal. They need to know what it eats, what it likes to do for fun, and how to exercise their pet. 
For example, if you have bought a dog, you need to remind them that dogs need to go outside sometimes and that they need to let them out of the house when they need to. If you can have a dog door, then you can ask your child to help the dog learn how to use it. Of course, you should always supervise your child in the beginning, so you know that they are doing the right thing. 
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Getting a family pet is a big decision and one that the whole family must agree upon first. However, if you are all happy to do so, then this can be a great time when you can add another dimension to your household. 

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