Choose a Bedspread To Create A Cosy Winter Look

The nights are cold and dark here now but in a way I quite like it. There's nothing I love more than heading up to my bedroom, snuggling under the covers and reading or watching TV. Spending so much time in the bedroom it's nice to make it look smart and a very quick way to do this is by adding a bedspread.

Bedspreads from Yorkshire Linen

A bedspread can be a quick and easy way to update your bedroom, especially if you plan to redecorate. Most people have a couple of sets of bed linen they love but what if they feel great and have loads of life left but don;t match your new decor?

For busy people like me it's also a very swift way of making your room look hotel-smart. Shake the duvet, plump your pillows then draw a beautiful bedspread over the top - instant tidiness and a chic uncluttered look.

If you are just all about the cosiness right now you can get beautiful snuggly bedspreads and throws which look and feel great and will banish any winter chills. Having a duvet day? Make it a bedspread day and nurse your cold or flu with warmth, plenty of fluids and rest.

You can buy bedspreads and throws in so many places now including Tesco, Dunelm Mill, John Lewis and of course you can choose from a wide selection of bedspreads from Yorkshire Linen.

You can find them in all shades, with or without patterns and to suit all budgets from under £10 to over £100.
Floral bedspread from Yorkshire Linen

At this time of year it's a lovely way to make your guest bedroom extra-inviting with no worries about your friends or family getting cold in the night. You could even fold a smaller one over the back of your sofa ready for a snuggly movie night.

Choose neutral colours like greys, creams and beige for a sophisticated look or add a splash of charcoal, black or a bright colour for drama in an overall neutral room. Explore textures and add cushions, rugs and other accessories to complete the look.

Bedspreadand cosy bedroom

Bedspreads are also a lovely gift idea - especially if you know someone who loves to spend cosy evenings at home - maybe Granny or a favourite Aunt? Again you can choose a neutral shade to go with any colour scheme and spend as little or as much as you can afford. It would be a touch of luxury but also something practical for someone who might really appreciate your kind thought.

Check out Pinterest for bedroom theme ideas then choose a beautiful bedspread which will make your style vision come to life.


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