Top Tips for Finding the Best Broadband Deal

For many homes nowadays a broadband connection is as vital as electricity and water and in fact some people make a decision on whether two buy a home or not taking broadband service into account.

With more and more people (including me) working from home, heavily reliant on reliable , fast internet access it's worth taking time to make sure you are getting the best value for money and service possible.
laptop and mouse

This can seem daunting given the ever increasing providers in the market, all vying for your business but there are ways to ensure you get the best deal possible for you.

1. Establish exactly what you need. It might seem tempting to pay top dollar for all singing, all dancing internet but if you work away from home, aren't streaming TV or videos, you are not into gaming and fundamentally only need internet for email, the occasional game of Candy Crush and a spot of online shopping you don't necessarily need unlimited top speed internet.

Bear in mind there are great savings to be made if you combine services. Some broadband providers offer significant discounts if you bundle broadband in with landline, mobile phone or television services.

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List what you pay individually for these services and see if you can save, either with one of the companies currently providing them or with a new provider who may be able to beat the price or improve on the package you are currently paying for.

Just want basic broadband -your current provider should be able to tell you your monthly usage and you can run a speed check using your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. If what you have already suits you, you can just look for a better price.

2. Check what you can actually get. It's all very well these adverts promising broadband at the speed of light but if, like me, you live in an area where the speed is constrained by geography or infrastructure you aren't necessarily going to get what you pay for.  Don't just fork out for the top of the range package without checking you can get somewhere near the speeds advertised.

The speeds advertised are usually in cities or areas with fibre technology installed. Speeds using older technology (ie not fibre) can also vary within a postcode depending how far you are from the exchange.

Check your current speed at varying times of the day and week to get a picture of average speeds. Ask friends and neighbours living nearby what speeds they are getting and use one of the many online broadband speed checkers which show you which providers offer what speeds in your postcode.


3. Use a broadband comparison site. You could spend weeks looking out for adverts for broadband providers on TV, in newspapers, on the tube and on roadside billboards and making notes on who is offering what OR you could head to one website where you can check out what a host of broadband providers are offering in your area.

You can read reviews and choose from large companies or smaller providers and choose whether you want add on services such as home or mobile phone deals or television services.