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My Granny was a talented seamstress who taught what used to be called "needlework" and two of my sons seem to have inherited her skills. One runs his own business creating quirky custom made clothes and the other is studying textiles. (AD)

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When I was little I had a kit which allowed me to dress a paper doll in various outfits, but apart from that and the obligatory school design and create sessions I can report that most of my creativity comes out in words rather than clothing.

It really impresses me when the boys show me textiles they have designed and made. They mostly can visualise what they want to achieve and then just work out how to do it. It can be time consuming.

I'm sure their lives would be made easier if they could easily make a mock-up of the clothing they hoped to create using free mock up files online.

But where can you find the best free mock ups?  And why might someone who isn't studying textiles know where to find the best free mockups to download?

I know my daughters would find it useful to be able to have an easy to use t-shirt mockup template to create their own unique tees. At the moment they spend a small fortune on graphic t-shirts and they are so witty I think they'd be better off creating their own custom shirts using downloadable high quality templates.

free downloadable mock-up templates from Design Bundles

It could prove a great way for my uni student daughter to supplement her income. She's studying chemistry and scientists are renowned for their love of a slogan T-shirt.

It's often a bit chilly on the coast where she lives so she could even have a go at creating a sweatshirt mockup. She loves her sweatshirts, especially hoodies, and I doubt there's a  teenager in this country that doesn't have at least a couple in their drawers.

There's nothing like a custom hoodie for clubs, events and societies to really help bond a group. I've just paid for a primary school graduation hoodie for my youngest and he is really excited about it.

You might not think you could design your own clothes but using mock-ups from Design Bundles can make the whole process easier. And professionals and students alike will find that the wide range of resources mean their creative process is helped greatly too.

At Design Bundles fashion templates help designers perfect proportions creating a uniform look for all your designs. Templates are available as garment only where each item of clothing is presented on its own background or model style where your design sits on a human shape, with or without a head.

Design Bundles mock-up clothing templates

Design Bundles mock up T-shirt

This is nothing like my one size fits all old dress-up dolly - silhouettes can be customised to really demonstrate the designer's vision.

Design Bundles has over 1 million customers attracted by great quality at affordable prices and is proud to be a company which puts customer service as its highest priority. 

They specialise in connecting talented independent designers with discount seeking customers who can browse over 150,000 marketplace products and make big savings with custom curated design bundles which offer up to 96% off the regular retail prices.

This means even if you don't have a creative flair you can browse ready-made templates and adapt them for your own use. Once created you download the design and you could use that to create custom clothing for Hens and Stags, birthday parties, school trips or to promote your business or event.

Check out this idea - make your child's birthday party extra special by creating a mock-up file which can be used to make an extra special outfit either for the birthday child or all the children celebrating with them. Team a T with sparkly shoes and a tutu for a truly unique look creating marvellous memories.

custom mock-up clothing flat lay Design Bundles

Working together on the project would be so much fun and when that quality time translates into an item of clothing which can be kept as a keepsake it would make it even more special.

Commercial use is allowed to a certain extent with the premium licence and if you have any issues at any stage or are not sure how to create mockup files there's 24/7 technical support available. Any design you buy will be kept safely and can be downloaded unlimited times.

Even if you don't want to create actual clothing, experimenting with mock up samples could inspire you to streamline your wardrobe, release your creativity and potentially give you hours of fun.

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