Antique Jewellery - a Quality Gift For All Ages

When I got married many years ago I followed the UK tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I ticked off old and borrowed by wearing my Grandmother's pearls.


Antique pearls have a warm patina which can't be replicated and they suited my cream coloured traditional style dress perfectly. She's sadly passed on now but I have a few pieces of her jewellery and hope that one day my children or their partners may wear something from the collection if they get married.

One of the things I wish I owned is a charm bracelet like my Grandma's which I recall admiring as a child. My mum has one too, with charms she's collected relating to life events and her hobbies and interests.Many of the antique charms had moving parts which made them even more interesting to me, like an adorable little silver Holy Bible charm which opened and a carriage with doors you could open.

Holy Bible antique charm

I think an antique charm bracelet would make an amazing present for a newborn, naming ceremony or a Baptism as you can still buy the little charms quite easily. I was in Brighton recently and we lingered at a jewellery shop where my daughters loved sifting through a huge collection admiring the exquisite detail on some of the charms.

Antique jewellery does not have to mean dated. A lot of antique pieces will work with pretty much any aesthetic whether you want a classic sophisticated look or prefer to rock a quirky, unique style.

And the amazing thing about Antique pieces is they will generally appreciate in value if you are canny about what you buy. Gold in particular has always been a pretty safe investment option so even if your chosen pieces never come back into fashion you still have the value of the gold.

I would recommend buying antique jewellery from a reputable source such as where you can be sure that the provenance and quality is reliable and items may even be certified. 

I particularly love antique rings and in case you are wondering, they can generally be resized if you find one you love but doesn't fit. 

Art Deco Sapphire Ring from Carus Jewellery UK

Not sure of your or your loved one's ring size or the style you like doesn't lend itself to resizing? Choose earrings as a safer bet - what woman would not adore a pair of diamond earrings or a pair featuring their birthstone? You can check birthstones here to make sure you get it right!

Necklaces and bracelets make a great gift for any age. My daughter had a beautiful antique silver bangle as a Baptism gift in an adult size with the idea she could wear it at her graduation or wedding or another significant life event.

Wether you choose a classic simple style or a fabulous statement piece to give the wow factor antique jewellery can bring joy in the knowledge you are giving something beautifully crafted another chance to be admired. The original craftsperson may be long gone but their work lives on.

You might not know your Art Deco from your Art Nouveau but as long as you know what you like you can't go wrong rehoming a preloved antique piece which you can wear and treasure then can pass on to your loved ones.