Don't Replace, Repair Your Oven

The kitchen is most definitely the heart of my home and the oven is the heart of my kitchen. I love nothing more than to prepare big hearty meals for my friends and family members.

Oven with bread and cheese being placed in:Photo by Raspopova Marina on Unsplash

I need a big oven, or even better a double oven and ever since I started having children, that's what I've chosen for our home.

Once, many years ago I had invited 8 friends to dinner where I planned to cook 11 courses, replicating as near as possible the last dinner eaten by first class passengers on the titanic. The menu was weeks in the preparation and I even had a practice run through some of the trickier courses with some willing friends volunteering to taste test.

The dinner was being prepared as part of an informal fun competition in our village based on popular British TV show, Come Dine With Me, where strangers compete to hold the best dinner party.

Imagine my horror then at lunchtime on this red letter day when I realised my oven was not working properly!

Maybe on another day I might have shrugged and decide I would get takeout and order a new oven but there was no way with a fridge full of ingredients I was going to give in that easily.

Thankfully I managed to find someone qualified to carry out oven repair and, crucially, could come out almost immediately.

Luckily almost none of the courses could be cooked in advance- normally that would be a pain but on this occasion it worked in my favour.

A wonderful technician quickly identified the problem and got me up and running quickly. The bill was far less than it would have been to replace the oven entirely.

The meal was an absolute triumph. Everyone came dressed up and really got into the spirit of the event. 

madmumof7 and husband in evening dress

We managed to eat all 11 courses and to my delight after all of the competing dinner parties had been held, mine was declared the best of the bunch. To this day I am very proud of that achievement, especially with the oven issues I experienced.

In these days when people are trying to live a more eco-friendly life, finding someone who can carry out oven or stove repair not only could save you money you might have spent buying new appliances, but can also give you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you are avoiding adding to landfill unnecessarily.