Top Six Ways to Survive University

Being a university student may feel like the toughest job in the world. For some, adjusting to a new academic lifestyle may take some time and a lot of patience. Unfortunately, you might not have all the time in the world to adjust at your own pace. Luckily, the past experiences of others have served as a blueprint for survival. From hiring essay writing services to getting enough sleep, these are the top six ways to survive university.

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1. Create a Calendar

Being organized is one of the best things that you can do for yourself while at university. Because you’re taking so many classes at once, there’s a lot of information to keep track of. Do yourself a favour and purchase a planner or calendar where you can write down important dates, such as when important assignments are due or when your next exam is.

By staying organized, you’ll feel more in control of your academics and you won’t miss anything important. If you want, you can even jot down meetings with friends so you’re also keeping track of your social life at the same time. If there’s one thing that you’ll need at university, it’s a calendar.

2. Hire an Essay Writing Service

Essay writing services are a university student’s best-kept secret. These services are affordable and discreet so you don’t have to worry about going broke or others finding out about your secret. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your assignments or just don’t have time to get them done, an essay writing service may be for you.

By hiring an essay writing service, you’ll have more time to yourself that you can use to catch up on other assignments, take on an extra shift at work, or simply take some time off.

3. Get Enough Sleep

This may sound impossible to do while in university, but it’s something worth making time for. When you get enough sleep, your mind is sharper and able to focus more on the things that really matter -- school. Be sure not to overload yourself with classes to simply get them out of the way as this can only backfire on you in the end.

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As tempting as partying with your friends may be, take a night off from the party scene and hit the hay a little bit earlier. Your body will thank you immensely.

4. Find a Study Buddy

If you’ve missed a class and need to catch up on notes, a study buddy is the perfect solution. At the beginning of all your classes, be sure to seek out someone who is willing to be your study buddy. This will be the person you study with, do projects with, and exchange notes with.

Having a study buddy is ideal because you’re working as a team to get the best grade possible and losing nothing in the process. Just make sure that you’re putting in as much effort as your study buddy and vice versa.

5. Talk to Your Guidance Counsellor

Many students forget about the fact that they have a guidance counsellor at their disposal who is willing to help with just about anything related to their academics. Whether it’s a question about your classes or you need help finding a tutor, a guidance counsellor is there to help. The best part about it all is that these services are free of charge to all students.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially when you have someone willing and able to help right at your disposal.

6. Drop a Class If You Need to

Don’t feel pressured to stay in a class simply because you signed up for it. If you’re clearly struggling and you’ve given it your all, talk to your instructor about dropping the class. If you do so within the allotted time slot, it won’t affect your grades and you’ll start with a clean slate.

Chances are that you’ll be able to find another class that suits your needs and won’t be as challenging. If anything, you can always go back and try to take the class the following semester or when you don’t have so much on your plate.