How to Spoil Yourself Between Trips

Do you ever feel like you spend your days working so that you can live at the weekends and during your holidays? Do you ever get back home from holidays and you feel sad because you know that you will have to wait until your next leave in order to have a good time?


This is not the way to live. Life is short and you should try to fill your time with joyful and beautiful moments. Of course, it is impossible to always be happy. However, I wrote this article in order to give you some ideas of activities you can do in your free time in order to spoil yourself and remind you that you deserve to have fun at all times. 

fun sign:Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash


Idea 1: Book a Beauty Treatment


Taking care of your body can rejuvenate you as you will look and feel young. First and foremost, lying down in a comfortable bed and letting a professional massage you with natural oils and pampering products can make you relax and forget all the everyday worries and the toxic thoughts that sneak in your mind when you are vulnerable. Additionally, at the end of your body treatment appointment at, your skin will be all moisturised and soft. 


Idea 2: Take up a Hobby 


What is this one activity that you always wanted to try but you never had the time or the partner to come with you? For me, it is learning how to knit and how to play tennis. A friend of mine has always been saying that she would like to learn French, but she hasn’t even learned a word. However, devoting even half an hour twice a week to the hobby of your dreams will be enough to make progress and gradually master it. 


Idea 3: Establish the “Me-Time”


If you live with your partner or you have kids, you should find one hour every day when you are not to be disturbed. You can stay in a room or go outside on your own, and you can do whatever you want. No phone calls, no messages from people asking you to do things. During this one hour, you can be totally selfish and think of things that bring joy solely to you. There are no wrong activities during your “me-time”; either you spend it reading a book or scrolling on social media, the point is for you to have fun.

Person reading book:Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash


Idea 4: Game Nights


The more responsibilities you have on your plate the more difficult it becomes to find time and energy to meet with your family and friends and spend quality time with them. Arrange a time and a day that you will gather with your loved ones every week, and you will spend at least two hours all together. You can play a board game, watch a film, go out for dinner, or just talk at home. Let your loved ones recharge you with their positive energy and their love so that you can endure any obstacle that comes your way.