Beck's Blue Lemon beer- refreshing, alcohol free & only 53 calories a bottle.

The weather has been gorgeous in my neck of the woods in the last week giving a taste of what summer could be like. I even contemplated getting my flip-flops on until I checked the state of my feet. Note to self. Prioritise pedi.

I spotted people dashing out of the supermarket clutching BBQ charcoal and caught the smell of sausages and smoke while sitting in my friend's garden the other day.

And what goes best with BBQ? A nice cold beer is what. My husband is a real ale drinker normally but he loves an icy lager when the sun is shining.

Beck's Blue Lemon alcohol-free beer

But what if you are driving or are cutting down on alcohol for dietary or health reasons ( the beer is only 53 calories per 275ml bottle) or because you have work in the morning?

Beck's Blue Lemon is the perfect option for beer lovers - naturally fermented with barley, hops, yeast and water using the same brewing process as traditional beer with a splash of lemon.

The only difference is that the beer undergoes a special gentle de-alcolisation process to remove the alcohol from the beer.

I say this new beer is great for beer lovers - I actually don't really like beer but after hearing my friends raving about this new Beck's Blue Lemon I gave it a try and actually liked it! It made a change from the soft drinks I normally choose when I don't want an alcoholic drink.

The beer is really refreshing and light and the lemon touch gives it a nice sharpness. For anyone not wanting to let on they are avoiding alcohol the appearance is obviously the same as regular beer once it's in a glass no-one need know.

Interestingly alcohol-free and low alcohol drinks are seeing a surge in popularity at the moment. A survey carried out by the makers of Beck's Blue Lemon (AB InBev UK Ltd) finding nearly a third of Brits surveys have tried it with one in ten women enjoying it on a weekly basis.
Beck's Blue Lemon alcohol free beer

The launch of Beck's Blue Lemon follows an announcement from AB InBev stating their  "global Smart Drinking Goals" which outlines a commitment to ensure at least 20% of its global beer volumes are low-to-no alcohol by 2025.

Good news for people who enjoy beer but would prefer to cut down on their alcohol intake for whatever reason.

Beck's Blue Lemon is available in 6 x 275ml format in Sainsbury's and will be rolled out to other retailers in the next few months.

Disclaimer: I received a pack of Beck's Blue Lemon for the purposes of this honest review.

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