All About The Family

So there's me - madmumof7. 
Aged 51. 
Mum to 7

Writing about family, food, days out, holidays,tech and toys, my life past and present, chronic fatigue conditions & ASD (autism spectrum disorder) as quite a few of us are autistic, both diagnosed and self-identifying.

And DH. (Dear Husband)
well over 50 but doesn't look it (IMHO)

madmumof7's husband

Married me 27 years ago before realising that when I told him all those years ago that I wanted children that I wanted that many children. Laid back and lovely.
Loves football, F1, power tools, real ale and eating out.

DS#1 (Dear Son)

Aged 26.

My baby, now towers above me, ambitious and hard working. Living in Southsea, Portsmouth and working in recruitment in Whiteley but very much still part of our family.

Aged 24.

Graduated Southampton University after studying Economics. Not a fan of appearing on the internet. In a relationship with a wonderful partner known on the blog as Mr Fabulous.


Aged 21.

Has suffered a lifetime of pain with a chronic bone condition but remains cheerful. Works in childcare/education and retail.
Loves to cook. Enjoys gaming, eating out and planning holidays.


Aged 20.

Maya and Peter

Smiley, outgoing and loves her PJs almost as much as her mum.  Animal lover. Science and gadget geek. Autistic. Studying Chemistry in Brighton, and advanced Harry Potter.
Loves music, Harry Potter, going to live gigs, travel, science, theme parks and English Breakfast tea. Partner to Boy Wonder, pictured here. (bio below)


Aged 16.

Otherwise known as ginger fat boy even though he is neither ginger or fat. Family joke. Loves gaming. Theatre kid -has performed in the West End and in panto. Pictured here in red.


Aged 15

Complex, witty and quite, quite mad. Loves anything arts and crafts based. Adores her pet ferret Woffles
Enjoys adventures, musicals and days out, art and reading.

aged 12.

Generally known as Grumpy. Was a Roman emperor in a former life we think. Quirky and loving. Autistic and proud of it. Awesome sense of humour. Avid gamer. Adores Pokemon and Sonic, anime and YouTube.

Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder

Partner to DD#1. Whizzkid, never without a roll or ten of gaffer tape for his work in theatre light and sound, aged 19, almost never seen without his beloved hoodies or his car.  Trainee mechanic. Seems taller every time I see him.

Mr Fabulous 

Partner to DS#2. Gentle, artistic and a beautiful soul. Has created embroidery pieces for some VERY famous people. Works as a university lecturer in London. Also, like wonder boy, incredibly tall!


Partner to DS#1 and soon to be mum to our first grandchild. 😃
Bakes delicious treats that my diabetes nutritionist would not approve of. Works as a nanny and has the best laugh in any room. 

PLUS 1 (slightly mad) adopted cat Jasper, one slightly stinky but adorable ferret Woffles  and 1 ancient fish called Sparkles. New addition - two outdoor fish in my water feature, nicknamed "cat" and "food" by my eldest who reckons Jasper may one day eat them.

All of my children and their partners.💖