Let it snow

The world is split into two types of people. The sort that are proper grown ups. Who are genuinely interested in home insurance, mpg, mortgage rates and know abut pensions.
And the sort who might have home insurance and mortgages but don't want to talk about them at dinner parties.
Guess which one I am? The fact that I am in fact a 13 year old trapped in a 43 year olds body was confirmed this week when I saw the weather forecast for southern Britain. Snow. Or as I say it- "woohoo! Snow!"
My husband who has to work in the white wet stuff was less enthusiastic. To be fair he has the hassle of getting to work in it and getting cold and wet. Luckily due to my stay at home mother status I get to enjoy all the good bits.
So I dashed out and bought a new sledge. We only have two or three between 7 kids because frankly they are expensive and living this close to London we don't really get much snow at all, let alone any significant enough to go sledging. Which is a shame because where we live is surrounded by fantastic sloping sledging spots.
One of last years sledges was shattered by an over enthusiastic teenager on a rocky hill so we picked up a traditional sledge (which fits two small children on) for us and a new style circular tea tray type for my friend who shares my love of arctic weather.
So still lots to do before the weather front moves in. Which may be today. Maybe Monday. Maybe Tuesday. ( maybe not at all) I have to pick up the other snow day essentials. Hot choc. Chopped logs and firelighters. Ingredients for tasty winter meals - no salads in snow thanks- roast dinners and stew is the way to go.
And then we have to have the pre-snow sort out which with lots of children can be challenging. Imagine me, barking like a sergeant-major. Kit inspection! Have you all got gloves? Not too bothered if they don't match. Hats? Have you all got boots? Probably best if they both fit and match. Where are the salopettes? And who do they fit this year? Lets play the hand me down game. Cue a moments sadness as I realise my youngest can no longer cram into his cute all in one fleecy snowsuit. Then with all the outdoor gear sorted it's a waiting game.
It's still dark here. My iphone forecast says snow. Peering outside I see only drizzly rain. Once again I think we might be caught out by our odd geographical situation which seems to mean we have our own microclimate in this little village. I sense that there will be much peering at the sky for the next few days. Not from the children you understand, or my dh. Just me.
The odd thing is, despite all the preparation of outdoor stuff for the children I don't actually really want to go out in it. Apart from maybe a short walk to the village shop to allow me to indulge in my childish love of leaving my footsteps in fresh snow. No, what I want to do is curl up in front of my real log fire with hot choc in hand and a roast in the oven watching the swirling snowflakes in the glow from the streetlight outside our house. I admire snow on trees, coating roofs and hiding road markings and it's like an art exhibition featuring work from the celestial artist, helping me admire anew the beautiful area I am lucky to live in.
So bring it on! Into words of the Christmas song~Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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