Surprising Sunday

It seems to have been a long 24 hours.
I woke up this morning ( as y'do) planning a fairly quiet day. Church. Light the fire and lounge for a bit. Lunch. Bit of housework and homework and cleaning of kitchen and kids. Bit more lounging. Possibly even some snoozing. Marvellous.
Of course that isn't at all what happened. Started as planned with church. Croaky singing with my tedious cold. Cuppa afterwards and signed up for our electoral roll. Got into conversation with friends and found a plan forming.
Fit and healthy outdoorsy type friends fancied a walk. Hmmm. The words "nice" and "walk" rarely come together in any plan I make. Then they suggested walk to a local pub. Ok sounding better. Their idea of local and mine varied in that mine would be the pub at the end of my street. Theirs was up a big hill a few miles away and involved trudging through the forest on what was turning out to be a blooming cold day!
I came up with a great compromise. They could walk with kids and dogs etc. I would drive my lovely new car ( see previous post "from minibus to mini-car") and meet them there. So I went home and supervised ds #3 baking his Victoria sandwich cake to be decorated in cookery/domestic science/ d&t food tech or whatever they are calling it this week. Lobbed some wet washing in tumble dryer and more dirty laundry in washing machine. Hurled a few dirty children into the bath. And then drove to the pub timing it perfectly as friends emerged from forest.
Nice sofas, logs fires, shared chips, lot of chatting and cackling. Lovely!
Back home and a few text messages later we found we had an evening of guests popping in and out ahead, including hungry ds#1, so we finally lit the fire, cracked open the wine and carried on with the chatting and cackling as darkness ( but no snow) fell. Kids hurtled around with their friends, we ate rubbish, unhealthy stuff for tea and a number of lovely neighbours came and went sharing food, wine and friendship.
So although I'm tired I'm happy. I'm a "pop-in" kinda gal. I love friends sharing meals and chat and fun. Ok so I have no wine left, my house looks like a bomb has hit it and nothing is ready for school tomorrow but to me, memories of unexpected days like today are worth more than a clean oven and a completed ironing pile. Cheers!

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