We three kings of orient are....

Yesterday was Epiphany. The day Christians believe that the three wise men, following that star, found the king they were looking for in baby form. For Christians from a variety of denominations it's a day for celebration and new starts and understanding about what Christmas, and more importantly, the birth of Christ, really represents.
I won't ramble on about this- I am proudly Christian but this is not a religious blog. But I wanted to share a lovely custom with those of you who may have spotted odd chalk numbers and letters above doors on your travels yesterday.
Above my door today eagle eyed visitors may have spotted 20+C+M+B+13.
This is obviously the year-2013. And the initials of the 3 wise men- Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar. And conveniently the letters also stand for Christus Mansionem Benedictat- God bless this house.
In some countries people dress up and travel round their neighbours chalking the numbers on lintels. Sometimes they ask for a small donation to do it which goes to charity.
I saw last years marks on my German friend's door when visiting a few months ago and it gave me great pleasure yesterday to know that this year I am linked to this very dear friend by this simple action and a few chalk marks.
Much as I like dressing up in fancy dress ( my village seems unable to hold any sort of party without a theme providing an excuse for men to wear women's clothes and women to wear tiaras. ) I decided against wearing a crown to do it, and I couldn't find a camel last minute for love nor money but I enjoyed the ritual vandalism.
Tradition is important to most people, especially at this time of year and I think this is one we will adopt annually in the Living it Large household. Next year I might make more of an event of it and as is my custom the event will probably involve food and friends! Now I wonder where I could borrow a camel from......?

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