Foot Fetish- shoetastic!

I went shoe shopping yesterday. For once it wasn't for me! My eldest son shares my passion for shoes and we have discovered a fantastically mad shop in a nearby town which stocks interesting men's shoes at reasonable prices.

Jacob loves wild shoes
Last year for our wedding anniversary celebration DS1 shopped there and treated himself to a spectacular pair of white patent pointed shoes with black piped trim. He was pleased with them but disappointed he couldn't track down a pair of horsehair zebra-effect shoes. And I can hear what you are thinking but he does have a girlfriend.

At the same time he bought a pair of caramel tooled cowboy boots with chains and straps which have lasted well but recently had to be discarded. His everyday shoes started to leak and he felt a bit conspicuous in the white patent in daylight so off we went to Watford. We browsed mod-croc, mock-snake, spotted, patent with spats and pinstriped so I was quite surprised when he chose a normal ( but stylish) pair of brown leather boots. I'd choose animal print every time.....

My shoe obsession is my guilty secret. Except it's not much of a secret because you can't move in my house without falling over a pair.
summer feet

I dedicated a whole trunk to shoes and had a huge sort out recently so my collection would all fit neatly into this huge chest.

But just a year down the line it's overflowing and I have had to create an annexe in the form of an Ikea big blue bag or two for my boots.

I love my glam shoes which hurt my feet. I love my comfy shoes which caress my feet. I adore flip flops, and last year discovered the joys of Havianas which have relegated my comfy but clumpy Fitflops to the sidelines a little bit. I love boots - with kitten heels, wedges, or flat. I particularly love any boot which is fur-lined....

The only footwear I don't love is wellington boots. I boasted for years that I didn't even own a pair. I have declared publicly that if its that wet or muddy I'm staying in or taking the car. I don't like walking anyway - don't understand the concept of a "nice walk"especially on a cold winter day. I might be persuaded to take a stroll along the beach in hot weather but then I can wear my lovely flip-flops!

Wellington Boot Planters
Wellington Boot Planters
(Photo credit: The Adventures of Scootz and Thunderbird)
I have a friend who has turned wellie-wearing into a fashion statement. She wears them with everything. She is proud that she doesn't own a single pair of girly shoes. Well. She has one pair her son bought her years ago but I've never seen her wear them For my 40th she bought me a pair of pink fur-line wellies. They are the only ones I would ever contemplate wearing!

The only type of shoes I don't own are a pair of top-notch designer named heels. Jimmy Choos, Louboutins, something like that. They are not, and never will be in my budget but I don't really mind.

I probably have more than enough shoes to wear a different pair every day for more than a month.
I said I didn't go shoe shopping for myself yesterday. But in the afternoon I went for a coffee with a friend. We had a few minutes to spare, and found ourselves admiring a range of butter-soft leather summer deck shoes. We made the mistake of trying some on. Y'know, just for fun. We both stood there with ecstatic expressions admiring our feet in the mirror. "Like having your feet kissed by kittens!" my friend exclaimed!

Time to find more space in the shoe trunk I think......
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