What a difference a day (or four) makes.

At the start of this week I was not in a good place.
Fibromyalgia (FMS) was flaring like the sky on bonfire night. I didn't have the energy to shower, dress properly, walk. And I had a sinus infection which felt like I had been hit in the face with a hammer.
But three little things have meant that now, on Friday, I feel like a new woman. Not cured, but better, not relaxed, but getting there, not deliriously happy, but much more cheerful.
The first thing to make a difference this week was drugs. Pharmaceutical of course. A friend in the health industry made me aware of some changes to management of FMS. I am normally sceptical of drug treatments, or in fact anything offering claiming to offer relief from Fibromyalgia, but such is the level of respect for this reliable and trustworthy friend of mine that I braved the GP and asked about it.
Long story short, after just 24 hours on the drug I woke from a refreshing sleep feeling like you do when you are on holiday. Ok so maybe it was a placebo effect but four days later I still feel a million times better than I did at the start of the week. I won't mention the rash.
The second thing to help me this week was sunshine. Not a lot of it, not very warm, but dazzling clear blue skies and a hint of brightness was an unexpected treat. I climbed into my beautiful little car,  let the electrics take the roof down and well wrapped up went whizzing off to my friends house. Feeling the gentle almost-spring warmth on my head ( while the heater took care of my feet!) after weeks of feeling tired and ill and unable to move from my sofa was amazing!
The third and final thing may seem silly. But a few weeks ago a friend from the playground told me she was just starting a training course to become a nail technician. She would be specialising in gel nails - the sort that can last for weeks even through the hectic lifestyle of a madmumof7.
I booked in to coincide with the end of her initial training-and today was the day I went for my appointment.
Nic is very aware of all my ailments and after briefing me about risks and precautions went out of her way to make sure my sensitive and painful arms and hands were always in the most comfortable position as she worked her magic. I thoroughly enjoyed my hour of pampering - it was so relaxing I almost felt like nodding off. ( mind you, the drugs might have been contributing towards that feeling!)
I chose a gorgeous raspberry pinky-red Gelesse polish, and like all gel treatments it is cured under UV to be much tougher than normal polishes whilst not damaging your natural nails like other nail treatments.
The colour is glossy and  beautiful and every time I catch a flash of it, it makes me smile. I particularly loved seeing my shiny nails as my hands were gripping the steering wheel of my little car as I drove home - I feel like I am back on track, almost good as new, not only dressed and showered but manicured, back in control of the steering wheel of my life smiling at the open road ahead of me. Well for now anyway. Now bring on the sun!

Fancy a treat? Nails By Nic is based in Tring in Hertfordshire but can travel. She is happy to work with individuals, groups, weddings and other parties. She uses Gelesse and Prima UV gel natural nail overlays on fingers and toes and UV gel extensions on fingers using NCO London Products. 
Check out her facebook page

or email her for more information.

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