Back away from the digital sweeties....

THIS post will either strike a chord deep into your guilty heart- or you will read it and ask what on earth is madmumof7 wittering about today?

I woke feeling a bit fed up today. An issue with DH's pay, an unresolved career issue, ongoing health problems, all left me feeling a bit blue.

I normally Facetime my mum for a cheering-up chat but via the (slightly creepy) power of the Find My Friends app I established she was not "at home" but currently located at Agia Vavara, Paphos 2010 miles away which zooming in on Google earth looks like she's actually in her car on the motorway. Like I said - a bit creepy.

So I turned to my bestest digital friend - the iPad- for a couple of soothing games of Candy Crush.
I opened the app. It came up with the words "Clear all the jelly." I groaned.
clear all the jelly
For the uninitiated the game involves matching any number of coloured "sweets" to clear a row. Some of the sweets are encased in light jelly. some in double jelly, some in jelly with icing or what looks like whipped cream.

They have to be matched over and over again, either in a certain number of moves or within a time limit.

It's the most addictive game ever - whole threads on twitter devoted to sad, desperate folk stating "My name is Joan and I'm a Candy-crushaholic"

Cleverly the game creators only allow you five lives before you are forced to either shell out cash to keep on playing or beg your "friends" on FB to gift you a life. Or as I do - move onto another game with five lives to kill time until I go back to the original game in desperate hope of creating the magical sprinkle-covered chocolate button and maybe, just maybe levelling up.

The other game I turn to is equally devilish. Jewel Mania is a bit of a hybrid between Bejewelled and Candy Crush -matching coloured shapes to progress.

jelly, icing and sweets
These games are cunning - start off easy and before you know it you have to cope with timed bombs, falling cherries, multiple coverings preventing you from smashing them.....

dig 15 metres down
The phrase currently guaranteed to bring sorrow to my day - dig down 15 metres.
It's difficult to explain exactly what is so appealing about these frustrating games and why addicts continue to debase themselves begging for "lives" or furtively forking out 69p a time to blast yet more digital sweeties instead of just hitting the delete button, but if you never listen to anything else I ever say - listen to this. If you haven't already downloaded either of them - DON'T!

The post today is dedicated to my friend Ruth (an Angry Birds aficionado) who is almost certainly not worrying about jewels or sweeties this week but in fact doing something very brave and difficult and challenging - good luck Ruth- prayers and love as always from the madmumof7.

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