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English: The Church of St John the Baptist, from the Gallops at Aldbury See also: 1589949; 1589959; 1589963; 1589968; 1580345; 1589977 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's AGM season and through my involvement with my local church, I found myself last night sitting in our beautiful Chapter House for combined annual meetings of our Friends and our District Church Council.
Just before it started I had been forced to resort to some fairly hefty painkillers as the drama of my tooth abscess continues. (Tune in later this week for the thrilling conclusion involving needles, blood and quite probably a hysterical madmumof7 minus one troublesome tooth!)
This meant I was floating a little bit on a happy little cloud of opiates and maybe not paying quite as much attention as I should have been to the riveting details of our income tax and COIF fixed interest positions. I was, I confess, daydreaming a little bit.
Thanks to the wonderful award-winning design of our Chapter House, large windows afford fabulous views of the countryside surrounding the church and through these windows I spied some gambolling lambs.
Actually I wasn't the only one who had spotted this particularly lively gang of lambs who were not just gambolling but looked for all the world like the children at playtime, organising races, jumping competitions and pestering the long suffering ewe watching over them.
Lambs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A mini-herd of about six lambs seemed particularly organised, trotting to the end of the field before hurtling in a jostling line towards Mum who looked less than impressed as they tumbled over the invisible finish line.
They repeated this game at least five times that I saw, starting and finishing in pretty much the same place. I don't think I'd ever thought of sheep as being that organised but it was fascinating to watch.
Half time was obviously called in sheep-language as all at once a few of them broke off and headed to Mum for a drink, nearly knocking her over in their enthusiasm.
At this point I dragged my attention back to the meeting- duty calls!
But whether it was the simple pleasure o
f watching little lambs playing, or the mind bending drugs I don't know but all of sudden my day seemed a little bit brighter!

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