nightclub nightmares

Chatting yesterday with DS#1 about his plans for the week, which included a trip to a club,he commented that he could not imagine me in a nightclub.
In fact I'm not much of a fan of clubs being as I love my bed and the earlier I can get in it with the electric blanket on, a cat curled up on my legs and the TV remote in my hand, the better on the whole.
I remember my first ever trip to a club in my hometown of Dudley. I think it was called Chances and it was a night out organised by a load of my fellow sixth formers.
we were young.
madmumof7 (l) with Sharon and Louise
I had no clue what to wear. I didn't know what to order to drink. I didn't know what to expect.
In the end I wore the outfit my mum had bought me from BHS (back then called British Home Stores and famous for sensible knickers and comfy shoes) for my confirmation. I was a vision in white under the UV lights and probably the most conservatively dressed customer they had ever seen.
But I had fun and over the next few years did the usual Saturday night pub-club combination with my friends. House music which I hated was emerging so I became adept at finding out clubs which firstly played my favoured types of music and also served food!
I became bored with clubs quite quickly and once I had a serious boyfriend and the pick-up element of fun was eliminated from the nightclub nights out I largely ended my evenings at the call of "last orders" at the pub.
But there are always trips organised by other people aren't there? For birthdays, Hen nights, work do's.
Memorably I realised I was already getting too old for nightclubs when my cousin organised a coach trip to a big well known club in Birmingham for her 21st. That would make me -20!
I didn't really know any of her friends and wasn't keen on the house music style and for some reason was particularly tired that evening. So I managed to bag a sofa and amidst all the raving I fell asleep! I got quite annoyed when people in yellow T-shirts kept shaking me awake and asking me if I wanted a bottle of water. Why were they bothering me? My cousin pointed out that they were anti-drug volunteers who thought I'd taken ecstasy!
DH is 7 years older than me and sometimes, as he watches me settle down for the evening in my pjs with my crochet, he reminds me of his best man's words of warning just before we got married 21 years ago. He said :" You've got to remember she's much younger than you, and she's going to want to go out clubbing and partying......"
dancing the night away at Jane's Hen Night
My most recent club trip was for my friends hen night last summer and to be fair was one of the most fun nights I have ever had in a club. Copious amounts of Strawberry WooWoos may have contributed to the air of merriment but equally the company and the music was good and I danced and danced and danced.
I suffered in the morning - headache, nausea, sore feet - but it was worth it.
And even now if I hear Fun's "We Are Young" playing I smile remembering dancing to it in a dungeon themed club in Northampton when, just for one night, the words in the title rang true!
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