what did you do at the weekend?

iphone panoramic pic of the gig venue-
Ruth and Ron's lounge!
Remember primary school? On Monday mornings we used to have to write about what we did at the weekend. Back then it was bike riding and roller skating, walks with my extended family, picnics and camping trips. ( I was a very lucky and busy little girl!)
Nowadays weekends are mostly about grocery shopping, DIY and church but I am fortunate  enough to know a wide range  of interesting people so every now and again my weekends make me want to write once again
"What I did at the weekend"
My weekend started on Friday night when we went to a "Live in the Lounge" music gig organised by a couple of friends at their home in North Herts.
I wasn't sure what to expect but they are good friends and I wanted to support their new venture. I took a couple of my friends and we were blown away by the simple pleasure of live music, often improvised up close and personal while we sipped Prosecco and relaxed.
live lounge
singer songwriter Lucy
In fact relaxed didn't cover what we felt- it was like being 18 again, when we were students, only missing some uncomfortable sofa springs, cheap cider and the smell of wacky baccy to complete the picture.
I was asked if I wanted to perform - I offered to crochet silently as a performance art piece but was politely told that they thought they could manage without it.

The following night, again a little bit out of a feeling of " I ought to" we went along to a church fundraiser. I confess I hadn't read the emailed invite earlier in the week properly, still suffering as I was with tooth-related face-ache and Fibro so didn't really know what I was letting myself in for.
But when another friend reminded me about it I agreed to join them there. The evening was to raise funds for an excellent charity "Habitat for Humanity" and a number of my church friends are off to somewhere foreign beginning with K soon to help build homes for people who desperately need them ( For a more comprehensive explanation of what they do please visit www.habitatforhumanity.org.uk/)  so off we went to the less than exciting venue of the church hall.
mint and mango chocs
I thought the evening might be a bit dull  Oh how wrong I was! Laid out were trays of the most amazing hand-made chocolates created by a very talented member of the team parish's congregation, a selection of good wines and a variety of posh coffees! Oh and canap├ęs
plate to share- or not share...
After a brief talk we were let loose and luckily (for me)  since there weren't that many people there we didn't have to stick to the planned 6 chocs each rule and risking the migraine from hell I sampled many many chocolates!
There was strawberry and balsamic vinegar, mint, mango and coriander, coconut and lemongrass, hot chilli and even some basil, lemon and raspberry liqueur flavours. Normally not one to be adventurous I was brave and apart from the basil one which I was really not too sure about I was glad I took the plunge.
I did feel a bit sick by the end of the evening but recovered enough for my daughters birthday celebrations the following day where I seemed to spend the whole day eating - BBQ, cake, Chinese takeaway and hurrah! left over chocolates brought by one of the chocolate, wine and coffee event organisers!
And that folks, is what I did at the weekend. How about you?

Video clip features my friend, guitarist Ron Atkinson, Live in the Lounge. Clip may not work on some mobile devices probably because I'm an eejit who hasn't uploaded it properly!