"I was so drunk....."

We have all heard or told stories which begin with the words;"I was so drunk......" but this week I heard a fab anecdote which was accompanied with one of the best pictures I have ever seen on Facebook.
you can almost see the numbers!
A friend who shall remain nameless ( but has given permission for me to use both story and picture!) posted online this picture and admitted she was so drunk she slept all night on her TV remote control and never felt a thing! So presumably she's no princess then! ( ref; The princess and the pea!)
I racked my brains to think of my worst drunken antics. But sadly I cannot hold my drink so I am more famous for keeling over, falling asleep or hurling generally before midnight!
I recall one New Years Eve over 15 years ago when a friend threw a party. We started with Champagne cocktails and then all ate dinner together in a civilized fashion. There was obviously wine with dinner but I was still holding it together quite well.
A few post dinner snifters and we decided that men and women would take it in turns to visit the nearby pub while the others babysat.
Men went first and when it was our turn by the time we staggered the few feet to the pub the fresh air had hit me and  I realised I was hammered. Lurching into the bar I spotted my DH's nephew. I recall maybe being over friendly and pointing out the (then) young man's better physical attributes to my friends. He's never mentioned it again bless him.
Just before midnight we wended our way back to my friend's house.
I remember standing trying to focus on the TV screen as we watched the countdown to midnight. I couldn't even see Big Ben never mind read the time. I suddenly felt queasy- headed for the bathroom and when my DH came to find me after the chimes had marked the New Year, he found me asleep lying on the floor in the bathroom with my head resting comfortably in the curves on my friend's son's potty. They put me to bed.
Another time after a G &T laced girly night out (with the same friend I recall!) I pottered home feeling very happy. DH was waiting up for me and watched with amusement as I sat on the sofa and tried to take my boots off. At the point where I fell off the sofa and was attempting the breaststroke facedown on the carpet, giggling, he went and fetched our older children to laugh and point at me!
I blame my intolerance for alcohol on the fact that I have spent most of my adult life either pregnant or breastfeedingand the fact that I go for long periods teetotal and then binge ( If you can call two G &T's binging!).
A small glass of Crème de menthe
A small glass of Crème de menthe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am known for my love of alcopops and luckily my more sophisticated friends don't seem to mind me refusing their nice wines in favour of something luridly blue or pink. My tastes also run to those of an 80-year-old granny at Christmas - bring out your Baileys, your Advocaat and your sticky liqueurs that have be
en in the cupboard for years - I will drink them.
Only a few months ago a friend did just that and I even drank some of his ancient Creme de Menthe!
If you have any drunken anecdotes you would like to share please add them to comment box!
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