New Night Noises

Worcester in summer
Worcester in summer
(Photo credit: James-Hetherington)
I have lived in quite a few places over the years. We moved a few times during my childhood, then off to Cardiff to study Journalism, then to Worcester to complete my indenture years at the worlds oldest continuously published newspaper (Berrow's Worcester Journal).
On being offered the chance to stay there I moved around a few times in the Worcester area in bedsits, shared houses and rented flats and houses in locations urban and rural.
Tired of renting but unable to afford properties near work I bought a house in a city I could afford about 40 minutes commute away.
Then I met my DH and moved to the quiet village we still live in.
And everywhere I have lived I have had to get used to new noises at night.
The home I lived in during most of my childhood was on a dual carriageway and the 558 bus went past about every 15 minutes. Dull clangs and thumps from the factory nearby were actually quite soothing and I never noticed the constant traffic noise.
My halls in Cardiff were in Cyncoed, a quiet residential area. But the halls were anything but quiet! All through the night there were shrieks, laughter, shouting, running feet, slamming doors.
Mostly I was either out there contributing to the noise or so drunk I couldn't hear it anyway!
One night I was woken at about 3am by odd noises - it sounded like there was a race going on outside. I sat up in bed and peeked through the curtains - just in time to see two naked rugby players leaping over hurdles that had been set up on the footpath outside my window.
Another time I was woken by the doors to our "house" banging to find the lads from the halls opposite were trying to drag the fire hose from there house into ours to flood us out. Luckily it didn't quite reach.
In Worcestershire night noises varied- there was traffic noise, cathedral bells, sheep and the river depending where I was living.
Aldbury, (Another View Mrs P!) Hertfordshire, ...
Aldbury, (Another View Mrs P!)
Hertfordshire, England
(Photo credit: bestfor / richard)
When I moved to Wolverhampton I was back to my childhood noises - lots of traffic with the added exotic addition of the call to prayer broadcast from the nearby mosque.
This meant I really struggled the first few nights I spent in my village. It was sooooo quiet! I found myself straining to hear anything and consequently could not sleep. Of course 21 years later I am used to it and can hear trains passing through Tring Station a mile away en route to Euston, I can just about hear traffic on the A41 and years ago I used to love to hear the church bells during my Sunday morning lie in. Of course now I'm generally running to, or already in church when the bells are pealing!
We are currently in Cyprus in my mums quiet village. But to me it's anything but quiet. Take last night. I heard tree frogs, buzzing insects, cicadas and the odd firecracker left over from Easter Sunday.
mum's palm tree pal-
the only thing in Mandria
not making a noise
And from about 5.30am I heard some form of pump or generator starting up, a tractor or two, aeroplanes coming in low destined for Paphos airport ten minutes drive away. Then there was what sounded like a pack of dogs and some cats arguing and a background of birdsong - lovely apart from an annoying loud bird which goes "peep. peeppeepeep pippin" If anyone can identify it from that
description (or the short recording of most of it on video below) we would be grateful (and amazed!). And no, naming me as the annoying loud bird will not win you any prizes
Luckily I have plenty of time in the day to catch up on my disturbed sleep on a sunbed so its not a problem. Talking of which.......

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