Housewife or Domestic Engineer?

I hate those forms where you have to choose your occupation. It usually gives a choice of employed, self employed, unemployed or other.
I have raised 7 children, worked long, often unsociable hours. I, like most mothers, am cook, cleaner, taxi driver, personal shopper, event organiser, counsellor, referee, educator, and many many more things. "Other" doesn't really cover it.
domestic engineers strategy meeting
 I met with my usual partners in crime yesterday for what felt like a naughty breakfast in a local pub. One friend left her breakfast cooling as she cut up her daughters meal, did an emergency toilet run (toilet training - what a joy!), and constantly picked up pencil crayons and answered many many of the sort of inane questions that only a small child can think of. She did this while joining in a complicated discussion on how the three of us were going to juggle childcare (not easy with 15 children between us) meals and transport for a couple of days next week where we basically need to be in several places at once, many miles apart. Basically with some mutual swapping of babysitting, a pile of pizzas, two cars
wife and mother -
celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in 2012
and a bus we think we have sorted it!
I posted on Facebook that I had just attended a succesful business strategy meeting with my fellow domestic engineers- and it really had felt like a business meeting!
I have heard many titles for my "job." Domestic engineer, housewife, mother, SAHM, wife. I sometimes miss the days when I labelled myself "journalist."
Next week signals a big step for me. I took up blogging on New Years Day this year determined to make the most of my love of writing. I was a journalist and news editor for years before childcare costs became prohibitive and although I have dabbled with mum-friendly jobs in a supermarket, pub and school I really wanted to have a go at making writing a bigger part of my life again. And next week I am attending Britmums  Live- a gathering of bloggers and guest speakers from all over the country sharing experience, knowledge and support for what seems to be a growing industry.
new business cards
And industry it is - reviews, sponsored posts, commercial blogs - the world seems to be cottoning on to the fact that bloggers, via social networking, have a big voice which is getting louder.
So hoping to add my "Home counties with a hint of Black Country" accent to that growing voice I have even gone as far as having business cards printed to hand out to potential clients and new friends.
I pondered long on how to describe myself on them. And settled for "madmumof7 -blogger". 'Cause at the moment that seems to sum me up!

You can find madmumof7 aka Afra Willmore aka @madmumof7 on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram, blogging here (obviously!) and at and generally lurking on the WWW!
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