Amazeballs! Magic Moments in Blogging

Hurrah! Its my 150th post!
DRUMROLL please! An announcement. This is my 150th post! (strains ears for sound of riotous applause and congratulations from all over the globe and hears only tumbleweed)

Ah yes - I'm global you know. Hello America - thanks for following. Not sure why you are interested in the ramblings of a middle aged woman in the Home Counties but glad to have you aboard.
"Hello Cyprus"  or as I like to call you, Mum.
"Hello Australia and New Zealand" (relatives and some friends who emigrated)
But especially "Hello" to  the odd people in those Eastern bloc countries and the Far East who constantly click on my Naked Spa post and I'm sure must be disappointed to find it's not what they were hoping for and there is no need for one handed keyboard skills. Unless portly 40-something housewives in saunas is your thing. Oh.Hang on....Maybe they are finding what they are looking for.....
You, dear reader, might have spotted little icons on my blog from time to time. It might say Magic Moments or Silent Sunday or Pocolo or Mad Midweek blog hop. I need to quickly explain what there are for non-bloggers.

Basically someone chooses a theme or a meme and makes a "badge" and if you feel inspired you can add your blog post to a list (link to a linky) on your own blog and hopefully loads of people will read the linked posts. Some linkys have rules about commenting on other people's blogs or social networking or displaying the "badge" but fundamentally the idea is to support each other and increase readership.
And this post today is for the Magic Moments link. It's appropriate for my 150th post because the one thing I was not expecting when I started this blog on January 1 this year was so many Magic Moments through blogging.

In my first post (so here we go) I apologised to all bloggers saying I didn't really get it. But the urge to write was overwhelming - I used to be a journalist and feature writer- and blogging seemed to be a way of sharing my eccentricities with the world, maybe relieving my poor friends who enjoy cope with it in glorious technicolour in the "real world"

I didn't know what to expect. I certainly didn't expect to make so many new friends or enjoy such unique experiences (watching the joy bloom on my daughter's face when she realised she had won a Cabbage Patch Kid at a blogger event at Hamleys was priceless.)

I didn't expect the hugs, the laughs or the tears at Britmums Live (I know, I know, I keep harping on but it was amazeballs!)

I didn't expect the conversations I have daily through Social Networks and the comments on my blog. I always was a phone fiddler but now I can't leave it alone at all! It's like constantly having my friends with me - always someone to share a joke, provide support, admire a picture, empathise with. Thanks to all of you who have "virtually" been there for me -I hope someone who has me as a friend on their social network feels I have done the same for them.
I didn't expect to get my confidence back. I didn't even realise I had lost it.






Already so many opportunities in the real world have come out of my cyberspace musings.
I have discovered my love of social networking has opened doors and that actually I have skills I can share with others *blows kisses at her social networking workshop attendees* and that, dare I say it out loud, I might actually, eventually, be able to turn this hobby into a career.

So many Magic Moments.

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