Middle Aged Much?

Interior of St Martin-in-the-Fields, Anglican ...
Interior of St Martin-in-the-Fields, Anglican church by Trafalgar Square in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Imagine the scenario - a  group of very good friends arrange a night out in Central London. The plan is live music and some after-concert drinks in Town. How cool does that sound?
But this is me and my friends so the evening turned out a little bit differently to how you might imagine.
We started at St Martin in the Fields - the gloriously gilded church overlooking Trafalgar Square.
We were there to hear the New London Singers, and more specifically a friend who sings with them, perform Monteverdi's Vespers (in Latin) by candlelight.
It was very lovely - although I was very glad I forked out £1 to hire a cushion partly to soften the pew and partly because it acted like a booster seat so I could actually see my friend. Did I mention I'm quite short?
Concert over and friend congratulated we quickly discussed options for post concert drinks. One pub was suggested then rejected on the grounds that on such a lovely summer's evening it would be rammed. And walking past it was not only rammed but crowds spilled out filling the pavement and even into the road.
Living so close to London most of the people in our group work there so another quieter pub was named. We headed a short distance from the church and sure enough the pub was much quieter.
We noticed there were rooms upstairs - sent a recce party who announced there was a whole empty room up there!
And it was lovely - windows edged with gorgeous window boxes were open to the busy street below so we had a breeze and big city atmosphere without the jostling.
We always have fun together and as usual the banter and teasing grew louder as the beer went down. (white wine and fruit-based drinks for the ladies!)
There is one of our number well-known for her tea obsession. We are used to her constant demands for gallons of tea so it came as no surprise when she returned from a trip to the powder room ecstatic that she has spotted a passing tea-tray!
Sure enough within ten minutes we were sipping tea admitting that this truly made us middle aged. Should we move onto a club? Nope - we'll have one more tea then head home for bed.
But I don't mind. Even with just moderate amounts of alcohol in us (apart from one who will remain nameless who had enjoyed a long "business" lunch) we had a great night- and no hangover in the morning!

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