Krazy Kitchens and Mad Chickens

I was intrigued when the courier arrived last night hefting a large box- all I knew was that it contained food and novelty props connected to a new online game-show, Krazy Kitchens, which you can watch on Warburton's Facebook page.

The children and my curious dinner guests who had been enjoying the last of the day's sunshine in the garden gathered round as I lifted the lid - and burst out laughing when the first thing I pulled out was a plastic chicken mask!

An assortment of random fresh and tinned ingredients followed including a lime, refried beans, a tin of tuna and a packet of Warburton's sandwich thins (soft, thin, square, ready cut bread rolls) to name but a few. There was also a jaunty sailor hat with a sparkly sequinned anchor on the rim. Of course.

I watched Krazy Kitchens- the idea is for contestants to try and make a yummy lunch whilst being distracted.
Mums vs mums, kids vs kids, whole families working together whilst being  heckled by giant chickens or barmy Amigos -go online to look, you'll never have seen anything like it!

We had a go ourselves - DD#1 was very keen to don the hat and mask and DS#3 gamely offered to try and make his lunch using some of the ingredients from the hamper while his sister distracted him.

What can I say - I had trouble taking photographs I was laughing so much! DD did her best mad chicken impression but despite her clucking and arm flapping DS managed to make a chicken and sweetcorn sarnie without chopping off his own fingers!

It certainly livened up our lunchtime but was quite time-consuming and exhausting (and messy!) so I would advise making your sandwich in peace, then eat it watching Krazy Kitchens on your preferred internet device without costumed lunatics knocking your elbow!

The last installment is being released on Friday August 23 but even if you are reading this before or after that date you can still enjoy the other episodes (and some top sandwich-making tips!) on the Facebook page. Go liven up your lunch today!

Disclaimer: This is a “sponsored post.” The company who sponsored it compensated me with a cash payment and sent me the ingredients to  make lunch. Views as always are my own and not influenced by any payment made.

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