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Room 101
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I read a great blog post the other day. Tas from Not My Year Off accepted a challenge from another blogger and listed what she would put in Room 101. I decided as an almost professional moaner this looked like fun!
So here's just some of the things I would delete from the world if I could.

The queue directors in (some) McDonalds Restaurants.
I am 44.  I have raised 7 children. I get up in the morning and usually put my knickers on the right way round. I do not need help queuing. At one store in particular there was this highly officious woman who aggressively barked orders at customers to queue at each of the tills creating 7 queues instead of just one efficient queue where people got to the front and went to the next available till. I tolerated her through gritted teeth until the time she directed me towards a till which was closed. I then had to go to the back of another queue! After that I refused to take her orders, causing mutiny amongst the now emboldened customers. Thankfully that branch has now closed. 

School Letters
The system should work. Teacher gives child letter. Letter goes in bag. You check bag, find letter. Fill in form/write (another) cheque and return. Hmmm. Teacher gives child letter. After that I'm not sure what happens. Child eats letter? Letter evaporates? Bag containing mysterious black hole swallows letter? And even if it does make it home I always worry about the return journey. I know I'm not alone - thats why there's always a queue in our school secretary's office.
Shoe Sizes
what size?
Well actually not just shoe sizes. All sizes. UK, continental, American. I know it should be simple but I still have to get my phone out to use the converter, especially when looking at children's shoes. Think of all the ink we'd save on clothes labels? Though I do quite like going down a size in American clothes so maybe we should keep that.....

What's the point of it? Rain we need. Sun we need and I love. Ice and snow at least is pretty. Fog - ruins the view, it's cold and damp and unhealthy, it's horrid to drive in and mucks up air travel. Let's ban it.

I have no rationale for this. I just hate it. Smell, texture, taste. In my perfect world there would be no cheese. Sorry.

And finally Spiders and Flies. I was originally just going to say spiders. They creep me out with their spindly legs and multiple eyes. Yuk. I hate webs, can't walk through a door if there's a spider over it. I've even had hypnotherapy for what I know is a pointless phobia but still too scared to even suck them up the vacuum cleaner. But I know someone is going to point out that without spiders there would be more flies. So I'm chucking them into room 101 too. Any objections to a world without flies? No, didn't think so. Good.

I was actually only supposed to list three things but couldn't narrow it down. And with that I'm handing the baton on - I tag Carolynne from Mummy Endeavours but any other bloggers out there wanting to join the meme and list their Room 101 nominations I'd love to see them (and maybe link back to my list?). Or leave a comment below if there are things you'd like to delete from the universe!

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