Takeaway Dilemma

ABOUT 6 months ago my friend invited me round for a takeaway. I wore my pyjamas (as I often do with close friends) and we ate Indian food and cackled at some cr*p tv. She had been a bit down and that relaxed evening proved to be just what she needed - and so CCTV was born.

The original CCTV crew
Most weeks now, usually on a Monday or Tuesday, we meet up, order Curry and watch Cra*p TV - See? CCTV!
Sometimes there are just two or three of us, one memorable week there ended up being 7 of us and we didn't have time to watch TV.
It's ultra relaxed. We watch stuff like Embarrassing Bodies, Don't Tell The Bride, Genius Children... stuff we can tune in and out of as we chat. I try and source a different brand of Bombay Mix every week for us to taste test - current favourite is the Happy Shopper mix can you believe!

The one thing I noticed at CCTV however was something I had observed a few times over the years - when it comes to their takeaways most people seem quite predictable.
Take me for instance - I have a dislike of mushed up stuff so am likely to choose a tikka dish with dry onion bhaji. I'm no huge fan of rice so I normally have a garlic naan which never fails to bloat me up and make me sniff.
I'm a bit more adventurous with Chinese food but tend to stick to a couple of favourites at the chip shop. Unless I'm in the Midlands then it's always Klondikes/Scallops (battered deep fried circular slices of potato) and curry sauce. I can't find them  in the Home Counties sadly.

she chose something new!
A couple of weeks ago at CCTV a friend asked to see the menu. I humoured him and handed it over although I was quite surprised because I don't think I've ever seen him order anything but Chicken Jalfrezi. He pored over the menu, slowly turning the pages. Back and forth through the leaflet he went. I got bored and started taking everyone else's order. I finally got back to my friend and asked with bated breath what he was going to order. Yup, you guessed it - he went for chicken jalfrezi.

Yesterday though my biryiani obsessed friend bounced in to inform us she had made a huge life-changing decision. New career? Cosmetic surgery? No. She had decided to go "Off Piste" and order something different. Now she's said this before so we scoffed but no, sure enough she ordered a dish we had never even heard of and thoroughly enjoyed it!
So what do you think? Do you always order the same takeaway or do you choose different every time. Or are you like my DH who rotates three favourites? I'm curious to know!
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