What's the Story? Olives.

"What's the story?" is a new "link" set up by Charly Dove who blogs at PODcast.
She invites other bloggers to choose a picture they have taken and explain the story behind it.

This picture is obviously a bowl of olives. The  olives were grown by my mum in her garden in Cyprus and then preserved.

When we visited in May we were cutting it fine on weight coming home (too many lovely things to buy out there) but the one thing that had to come home for my olive-loving DH was my mum's present of a (glass) jar of olives.

I was sure we would arrive home to find our suitcase filled with broken glass and olive oil but as this picture shows the jar made it home safely and so we were able to share the olives with friends during a lovely long "bring some bits" Sunday lunch.

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