A New Look for my almost teenage daughter.

Every time I went for a scan with my growing baby bump I used to tell myself I didn't mind what gender the baby was. As long as it's healthy. But after three boys I was kinda hoping against hope for a girl.

madmumof7 & DD#1
When the sonographer told us that she was looking at a burger bun not a hot dog I didn't believe her. Right up until the actual birth I kept telling myself that she might have got it wrong. I prepared myself for blue.

But sure enough, my longed for little girl had arrived and I looked forward to girly shopping days and conversations about hair and makeup.

Except my little girl turned out to be a beautiful, slim, pretty tom boy! She never cared about pretty dresses and wouldn't waste time letting me "do" her hair when she could be climbing a tree or skating, or canoeing, or riding, or running or bouncing.

(Luckily baby number 6 was another girl who was born to be a princess and adores pink, princesses and primping herself. )

However, my eldest DD turns 13 very soon and we are starting to see signs of the beautiful groomed woman she is going to become. She loves having her nails done, has got the hang of having long hair and takes longer than the usual millisecond to choose an outfit.
And has discovered the joy of shopping.

New Look is her store of choice - they stock a range of teen clothes ranging from cosy hoodies with ears and animal faces on the front and the onesies so loved by the young today right through to sophisticated party dresses for the older teen who is still not quite big enough for "grown-up" clothes. Until recently she was most interested in the comfort of skinny jeans and snuggly jumpers but with her birthday approaching she was keen to look at teens dresses and playsuits on the New Look website.
Many of the items were too old for her but she managed to find a few lovely dresses appropriate for her age and to her taste. (see pics below for her choices) 

I noticed she has shied away from the figure-hugging designs which would appeal to an older girl or one more developed. Growing up in a village the girls tend to stay "young" for longer but I am more than happy about that!

None of the dresses we admired were expensive which is good news for mums, especially since they grow so fast at this age!

I have promised DD#1 a trip to New Look with some spending money on her 13th birthday and I think, for once, she may spend some time browsing the rails holding dresses as well as the hoodies!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but views and opinions remain my own.

chiffon dip hem

flamingo maxi

butterfly maxi
skater dress

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