Have your cake and eat it!

I love cake. It's a love bordering on obsession although my tastes are simple and I'm happiest with a basic Victoria sponge complete with cheap jam and butter icing. And I'm not ashamed to say I  adore doughnuts!

In my book no special occasion is complete without a cake as the centrepiece, although for my 21st birthday I actually had a giant cookie and when I left to start my maternity leave from one job they ordered a giant iced doughnut for me! I was, for once, speechless.

cutting Tesco cake with his new sword
My eldest son also loves doughuts and not being so keen on cake for one birthday he asked me to build him a doughnut cake. We piled dozens onto a cake plate and topped the tower with candles - then the teenagers present wolfed the lot in about one minute.

It was my youngest's fifth birthday this week. It was the last day of the summer holidays and I frankly could have done without organising a party and paying for all the food, plates, balloons, drinks etc.

So I was very pleased to be offered a cake from Baker days who offer personalised and photo cakes and cupcakes  for every occasion.

Grumpy pored over every webpage on their site and finally selected a chocolate cake featuring a smiley robot which we personalised with his name and age.

We sent off the email ordering the cake the week before and having read some other reviews looked forward to a yummy cake to be delivered in time for his birthday.

Unfortunately, we had an email on the Friday before saying they were unable to fulfill the order in time so Grumpy would not get his cake until Tuesday.

So at his party we lit candles on a Tesco cake I bought at the last minute as we were away from home all weekend and had no time to bake my own! The caterpillar cake (similar designs available from other supermarkets) has served us well over the years. Gender neutral, tasty, covered in thick decent-ish chocolate and easily portioned for party purposes!

But back to the Baker Days cake. It arrived by post on Tuesday and I was worrying about how I could possibly give a positive review to a next-day cake which arrived the day after the next day!

But from the moment I opened the box I was impressed.

The cake comes  extremely well packaged in a gorgeous tin and a packet with a few balloons, a couple of candles and a party blower. Grumpy was so excited!

We opened the tin and inside, again, very well packed, was a very sweet little 5 inch cake with everything on it we had asked for.
We cut it and served it after tea and although the cake was small the cake was so rich we only needed a little slice so it served 6 of us. ( they suggest it serves 3-4)

And here's the crucial bit. I had joked with friends at the party (who had asked where the robot cake was) and said it could be the best cake in the world and it wouldn't get a good review because it was late. But the thing is - it WAS one of the best cakes I have ever eaten. It was rich, and moist and tasty, even after a journey through the postal system  and so for that reason I am going to recommend the company.

Grumpy was disappointed - on the morning of his birthday he asked where his smiley robot cake was.

But I'm thinking maybe they preferred to let down a blogger getting a freebie rather than a paying customer, and if you fancy using the service but delivery time is crucial then go for one of their bigger cakes which you can have sent by courier and are guaranteed to arrive safely and on time.

There are hundreds of designs (all based on round cakes) to choose from and you can email them your own photo to add on if you like.

There's a small party cake (7 inch -10-12 portions) medium (9 inch 18-15 portions) and large (12 inch advertised as 40-55 portion) Prices range from £14.99 for letterbox cakes to £60. These are all sponge cake. Add a few pounds extra to choose fruit cake, chocolate chip made with Belgian chocolate, mixed choc and plan cake or gluten, wheat and dairy free cake.

Baker Days are happy to send cakes to BFPO addresses, some offshore postcodes and many international destinations including the USA, Ireland, Cyprus and most European countries.
On the whole I was happy - the big caterpillar cake was perfect for Grumpy's party and we very much enjoyed the delicious Baker Days cake the next day. Grumpy is driving us mad with his party blower and I get to keep the tin!

 Disclaimer; I was sent a free cake from www.bakerdays.com for the purposes of this review. Views as always are my own.
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