A Book about Baking, Vintage-style.

I am a devotee of tech and although I adore my tablets, smartphones and just about anything else which will allow me access to the "tinter web" so I could just look up recipes online, I still love to sit browsing through old style, paper-based cookery books.

Food photography is an art and to see a beautifully presented recipe book with wonderful detailed images of what might end up on your cake stand is true food porn, much more so than the hastily snapped pics of someone's supper - although saddo that I am I like looking at those too!

This week I was delighted to receive a gorgeous new book through the post from the lovely folk at Parragon so settled myself down for a mouthwatering meander through the pages.

"Classic Baking" is described as a fantastic collection of delicious, nostalgic baking treats. The blurb on the front of the hardback states "as good as today as it was then!"

As soon as I turned the first page and saw the index I was hooked. Designed vintage style with doilies, china tea-sets and very on-trend roses and birds adorning the pages, alongside pictures of cakes, biscuits, breads and tarts, there seems to be recipes for all tastes and levels of expertise.

Chapters are divided into categories including tray bakes, cheesecakes, small bakes and breads and dessert cakes. There's even a section listing Christmas treats and this book would certainly make a lovely Christmas gift.

There's a few recipes in there I've never heard of - snickerdoodles and vanilla whoopie pies which I've never tried but look simple and fun to make with children.

I'm looking forward to sampling the raspberry and cream gateau which, if it turns out like it looks in the book, would be a real showstopper to bring out to go with a cuppa with friends. But actually, being quite a lazy cook, my mates are much more likely to end up with a plate of the oatmeal cookies which I reckon you could whip up in a jiffy! (ooh I've gone all 1950's reading this book!). Still, although a simple recipe I bet the cookies would smell and taste divine and will still give me the chance to don my floral apron and drag out the best china. Tea anyone?

Disclaimer: I was sent a free copy of Classic Baking for review purposes. Views and opinions as always remain my own.

"Classic Baking" is published by Parragon and costs £16.99.

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