Anyone for a biscuit or two? Or three?

I dread to think how many biscuits I have consumed over the years. I tried briefly to do a quick calculation for the purposes of this blog and came up with...... lots.

On the whole I like quite plain biscuits - digestives, those ones with cows on, even the ones with figs in. I am particularly nostalgic about arrowroot biscuits. Do they still sell those? The ones with frilly edges? My Granny who is sadly no longer with us always used to give them to me when I stayed overnight, with cups of sweet tea. I used to nibble the frilly edge off then be able to calculate the perfect dunking time for the rest of the biscuit right to the last millisecond before it finally became tea-logged and sank to the bottom of the mug. I can't think about those biscuits with thinking of my lovely Granny.......

My 8-year-old hates chocolate and most sweets so his idea of a treat is a nice rich tea style biscuit. One year the choir he sings with performed at a charity Christmas concert and the organisers very kindly bought selection boxes for all of the children. As they were handed out I saw my son's face grow more and more despondent  until the organiser, smiling, produced a triple pack of Rich Tea biscuits just for him! It transpired he had asked the choir leader if it would be OK to give the children sweets and had been pre-warned about DS#4's odd tastes!

I even carry biscuits in my handbag. I am diabetic so my excuse is that I need them in there in case of a sugar low. I know,  it would be more sensible to carry a banana or something equally healthy but if you know me in "real life" you'd know that's never gonna happen!

When I went to Britmums Live! earlier this year I spent quite a lot of time lurking in the Fox's lounge where there was a seemingly endless supply of free tea, coffee and of course, biscuits. I eagerly filled out their form hoping to be one of their biscuit tasters and to be honest as the months rolled on had forgotten about it.

But this week to my absolute delight the postman bought a big box which contained a selection of exciting new biscuits for me and my friends to sample - before they even hit the shops! Fox's have taken a selection of traditional British biscuits and given them an all-American twist with the help of their number one fan Vinnie! (the slightly seedy panda with the US drawl from their adverts)

For a limited time apparently you will be able to choose Key Lime Pie Crunch Creams, Mississippi Mud Pie Melts, Blueberry Muffin party rings and Cherry Cheesecake Jam 'n Cream biscuits.

So my trusty tasters Jane and Claire came round, tea was brewed and I revealed the choice available.
We decided to break open the crunch creams and mud pie biscuits to go with our cuppa -we tried eating them straight and dunking, for research purposes you understand!

The crunch creams had a lovely lime scent, which reminded me of chocolate lime sweets. The filling was a slightly off-putting green colour and none of us were entirely sure how much we liked them at first - though I soon got over my doubts and polished off the remains of the packet after my friends left!

The Mud Pie Melts were an instant hit, crumbly and rich they really were melt in the mouth. Be warned - if you are a dunker you have to be quick!
Sadly for the rest of my family I found they needed to be thoroughly tested so there were none left in that packet either by 3.30pm. Sorry kids!

We decided to save the rest of the biscuits for another day. I have hidden them 'cause when the children find out about the party rings there will be no stopping them...........

The different flavours made a nice change so look out for them in the shops - or ask and tell 'em Vinnie sent ya!

Disclaimer: I was sent free biscuits for the purposes of this (thorough) review. Views and opinions as always remain my own.

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