Laughter is the best medicine

It's been a stressful few weeks. My husband is re-training and our income has taken a huge hit. It looks like Christmas is cancelled. I caught the kid's back to school cold which they had for a week and I've still got with the addition of a sinus infection. Which seems to have triggered a Fibromyalgia flare-up.

So I cant breathe, can't taste much, feel constantly sort of nauseous from mucus and constantly worrying about money. Oh and everything hurts and I'm beyond tired.

But it was my friend's 40th birthday knees-up this week and I was determined to push it all to one side and help her celebrate.

Thanks to some help from one friend who loaned me the money to go to the planned spa day, another who actually paid for a treatment for me and lots of prescription drugs, the day was lovely.

Despite enjoying a lovely aromatherapy massage and lots of lazing around in a warm bubbly pool I arrived home at 4pm feeling less than top form. I had a pounding head, lots of niggling Fibro symptoms and the feeling that my sinuses were actually going to explode. But since my friend had gone to extreme lengths to plan an evening out which was convenient and affordable for me I was determined not to miss it so took a quick nap, more drugs and slapped on some makeup to cover my pale grey skin-I was ready for the off!

I'd volunteered to drive the contingency from my village so I wouldn't be tempted to spend too much on  drinks, and wouldn't have to pay for a taxi. To be honest I didn't fancy a hangover on top of my general crap-ness anyway.

I did think this would mean the evening might be a bit long, being the sober one amongst a big party of people drinking. But I managed a small plate of gorgeous Thai food and there were lots of lovely people to chat to and apart from being a bit disappointed about missing out on the fun of the late night shots (I do love brightly coloured fruity alcohol! Forget Shiraz - bring on the Sourz!) I had a great night.

3 musketeers? Or a coven?
And as Saturday became well and truly Sunday I handed over my phone to DH who snapped a picture of me with birthday girl Claire and our mutual friend Jane. Between us we have 15 children. We shop together, eat cake together, knit together and support each other through good times and bad.

My friends are so important to me. They are a diverse bunch as apart from these two I also hang out with a wildly different bunch of fabulous people who all share one thing in common - they all seem to be barking mad!

And I think these pictures enforce the old adage about how laughter is the best medicine. Look at us - heads together, three hard-working mothers letting their hair down. Combined, our ages take us over well over 100 but when we get together, despite all our varied stresses and aches and pains we end up hooting with laughter like we are 18 again.

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