A New Look for Scooby-Doo- DVD review

Having seven children means I have seen the popularity of children's TV characters wax and wane. Some are all the rage for a very short time,  some last the distance and are still as popular now as they were decades ago.

One of my favourite characters has always been Scooby-Doo which means it's one kids programme I don't mind sitting down and sharing with the children. I particularly like watching the smooth moves of blonde hunk Freddy. I have to confess I list him as one of my weird crushes, along with Patrick Stewart and Michael Palin - but that's a whole other blog post!

Over the years the whole family has enjoyed the adventures of Scooby, a pizza-loving, ghost chasing mutt and his human pals and we have watched the adventures through its cartoon and "real life" feature film formats so I was delighted to be offered the chance to check out the latest DVD which has been created using a brand new puppet format! Zoinks!

"Scooby-Doo! Adventures- The Mystery Map" sees new look Scooby and the gang embark on a mad pizza-fuelled (of course) dash to find pirate Gnarlybeard's hidden treasure.

Predictably they have to confront a few chilling obstacles on the way (the predictability of the show has always been part of its charm) and we were enthralled as  the slobbering sleuth and his crime-busying puppet pals sniff out the clues only to have the map stolen by a scary (not really!) Phantom parrot! Ruh-Oh!

So the gang have to track down the mystery bird to recover the map to reach the spooky ship - where they might have to face Gnarlybeard!

Will the gang will finally find something or someone genuinely ghostly? Or if some naughty criminal will be unmasked thanks to those pesky kids? Well there's only one way to find out…..

I loved the new format, and think it would be particularly suitable for younger children. It would make a perfect Christmas gift and is already available in the shops.

Disclaimer: I received one free copy of Scooby-Do Adventures, The Mystery Map for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain my own.

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