Fibromyalgia flare-up- counting my blessings.

In the days leading up to my 1st Blogoversary I am throwing in a few "vintage" posts as I look back over the last amazing 12 months. This next post was written when I was having a Fibromyalgia flare-up and a bit of a pity party - until I read someone else's blog. Read on….

I have been a bit erratic posting  in the last few days. This is because I am in the middle of a Fibromyalgia Syndrome flare-up.


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FM as it is often abbreviated is a little-known condition that affects millions of people. It's part chronic fatigue, part chronic pain with a variety of other weird side effects including  fibro-fog which is an inability to process thoughts, say the right words or think clearly in my case. And insomnia or an inability to get REM deep sleep. Which is great when you have 7 children.

I've been unable to leave the house on some days, my bed on others. I won't bore you with the minutae (well, not right now) but I wanted to post this.

On Monday I was  in so much pain and so exhausted I was housebound. I had trouble heaving myself into the shower or getting up from the loo. Driving was out of the question. I was feeling very sorry for myself and to be honest a little bit angry that the God I worship and love had bestowed this less than welcome gift on me.  (Of course I know He hasn't - it's my own body mixing random messages and chemicals and coming up with it but hey- I hadn't slept and was in pain!)

Then I sat and read another person's blog. I cried, and I felt guilty for being pissed off about my stupid syndrome.

This lady on the left is the daughter of someone I know from church. She is 20 years old. She is bright and beautiful (burst into song if you feel like it - I think she'd laugh)

She has Dystonia.

I won't attempt to describe this dreadful disease which leaves her bent and twisted, in agony and sometimes unconscious.

I will just tell you that she handles her most awful situation with grace, dignity and humour. I am in awe.

Go read her blog. And count your blessings. I did.


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