He's Back! #whatsthestory 9/12/13

My boy is back! The smile in this picture says it all for me. This is my eldest who has been very ill with a painful back problem and violent, uncontrollable whole body spasms which had doctors (and us) very worried for a while.

But thanks to a determined GP and her trial and error approach to pain relief which finally resulted in us finding a drug which makes being upright bearable, my boy is back.

He's still in pain but he can go back to work (although only for his contracted hours which means no overtime and therefore a tight budget for him for a while)

But he was well enough to join me in London where we had an amble round the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park last week.

And while we were there I took this picture and rejoiced to see him smile, properly smile, for the first time in over a month. Fingers crossed he will be fully recovered very soon.

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