Bold and Burlesque.

Now I consider myself fairly open minded and am always up for an adventure but even I was a bit dubious when a new friend Lia who teaches Burlesque moves  and routines offered me the chance to try out her local class.

burlesque classLia said: 'Bring high heels and a burlesque outfit." Hmm. Ok. I searched "Burlesque outfit" on the internet.  Ah. Corsets, lace,  feather boas, stockings, suspender belts and fans seemed to be the order of the day.

Rifling through my underwear drawer I found some ragged, grey maternity knickers.
Nope. A sturdy cotton bra with clips to drop the cup down for breastfeeding. Maybe.....The only corsetry I own appears to be a dodgy pair of "suck the belly in" shorts and a velcro-able back belt for when I slipped a disc.

I settled on a tight black vest top with padded cups for added Oomph, some tiny shorts bought in a moment of enthusiasm in Cyprus last year and a floaty lace top I hoped would disguise my apple shaped torso. Oh and my favourite killer hot pink heels. I topped the lot with a cosy cardigan and a very long coat!
pink high heels

Arriving at the class, above a cafe/bar in a quiet village with another blogger, fellow radio presenter Miss ML from we wondered what on earth we had let ourself in for. The bar was packed with blokes, obviously enjoying a pint after work. I looked at my bare legs, and at Miss ML and we both shrieked with laughter. We decided we looked like we were strippergrams! Thank goodness for the long coat!

Plucking up courage we ventured in and the barman spotted us immediately and gestured towards a staircase - upstairs we found a cute little dance studio complete with mirrored wall. And the gorgeous Lia wearing a stunning corset which definitely made the most of her not inconsiderable assets!

The next hour passed in a blur of boobs and bums and "bad girl" poses. The women at the class were fabulous - confident and sexy and it wasn't long before I was strutting and posing and even crawling along the floor making "come hither gestures" at myself in the mirror. I might be short and dumpy but I felt fabulous! I even decided on a burlesque name - from now on I'd like you all to call me Shimmy Divine!
burlesque class

Some ladies wore leggings and long sleeves, one lady was very daring (and gorgeous!) in a bra, teeny lace top and a lacy thong. All of them looked like they were having the time of their lives.

You see that is the point of these classes. Yes you can go and learn some moves to treat your partner but really it's about realising that you are divine, fabulous and sexy, regardless of age or size.

I really didn't think one class would change my attitude so much but by the end of the class I was enjoying watching myself pose in the giant mirrors. I'm not delusional - I'm sure that apart from my husband not many men would find me desirable in my skimpies but I certainly feel a lot better about myself.

Must go now - I'm off to practice my "pretty fingers"

Disclaimer: I was invited to try a Burlseque taster class free in return for this honest review.

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