Drag Queen Dinner Party

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I promise this is not my normal look.

Well it might have been in the 80s but nowadays I tend to wear more natural makeup, when I can be bothered to slap on anything more than mascara and lippy that is.

I will confess to having a bit of a penchant for tiaras - I own two and will drag them out for any occasion I think merits the wearing of sparkly tat on my head. Parties, weddings, going to the supermarket....

Talking of drag, I'm hoping you've realised that this was the look I was going for.
I am somewhat obsessed with drag - I think the professionals look amazing and adore films like Priscilla, The Birdcage and To Wong Fu.

 So when it was my turn to host a "Come Dine With Me" style dinner this week (read the post here for further explanation) we decided to go glam and drag up.

Sadly I cannot post pictures of my other guests - they have the sort of jobs where people expect them to be staid and sensible and not dress up in ridiculous outfits and drink too much. But let me tell you they did me proud!

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I was particularly proud of one of my friends. When we were planing the evening we weren't sure he'd be that comfortable with the fancy dress. Don't get me wrong - he is not prejudiced and has a great sense of humour - but of all my friends he is one of the quietest and least flamboyant. Well, I'd have said that until Saturday night but when he turned up looking, well, just fabulous darling, in a Terence Stamp-esque outfit with a butterfly scarf, pink fedora and discreet and elegant eyeliner complete with perfect cat's eye flicks, and green nail polish.

Another guy was rocking the "Kate Middleton does drag" look complete with an authentic (and apparently heat stylable) wig. And a lot of sequins and pink marabou.

My DH dressed as my houseboy in shiny gold leggings, a skimpy velour bustier and a strategically placed pinny. Plus make-up and a tiara obviously. The leggings were quite snug - cue lots of laughing every time he bent over to load more logs on the fire!

Another male friend came, slightly bizarrely in a kilt, Hawaian shirt, 1980's slouch socks and a "flasher" mac. Probably best not to ask too many questions about that get-up especially since it all apparently came out of his day-to-day wardrobe!

The girls tried hard - lots of feathers, sequins, OTT makeup and a variety of ever changing wigs from one fab friend but no-one really does drag better than a man, obviously.

I had scoured the internet for some cool Drag Queen names so the name cards had their real names on one side then could be folded over to reveal their drag name. Among the least naughty names were Miss Charity Case, Aunty Bacterial and Ms Sue Pository. The others are a bit rude to post here I think!

dinner party, champagne, table set for dinner  http://www.madmumof7.comWe ate little canap├ęs, drank lots of fizz and some dodgy cocktails, then enjoyed a starter of "you won"t be needing those" chipolatas with mash and hot red onion chutney, followed by Champagne sorbet.

Then we had "lamb dressed as mutton" - really just roast lamb with garlic and rosemary with potato dauphinoise, green beans and carrots and red cabbage. Pud was a messy and indulgent chocolate fondue with strawberries, pineapple, waffles, trifle sponges and marshmallows then we finished up with cheese and biscuits, coffee and more chocolates!

We have one more dinner party to go in February. It's been as always a huge laugh and a great excuse to liven up the winter months.  I won ( a small tacky statuette) last year with an extravagant "Last Night on the Titanic" menu with 14 courses but due to lack of funds and the fact that I lost electricity for 18 hours before this party (it finally came back on about 2pm!) I had to curtail my natural show-off tendencies somewhat.

Still it was a great night and even if I don't win this year, I have thoroughly enjoyed the game. If nothing else I have had three fab dinner parties, plus my own to go to! Can't think why I'm not losing weight.....

Since the whole party was a magical for me I have linked up at the lovely Oliver's Madhouse to share the fun we had on Saturday. #magicmoments

And as I love the picture of me dragged up I thought it would fit in well with the #whatsthestory linky at PODcast too.  

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