A Stick Walk #magicmoments

My church regularly holds what we call "stick walks"- so called because the children always come back with loads of sticks picked up along the route! We meet at one of the 5 churches in our Team Parish walk, we chat, we come back to the church for a short informal service and then we enjoy a slap-up tea usually with a generous selection of cake!

This week's walk was the first of 2014 and we were blessed with glorious sunshine! I was loaned Nordic walking sticks which made it much easier for me to cope with the walk and the thought of a nice cuppa with homemade Brownies at the end kept me going.

Chatting with friends on the way, watching the children interact and make the most of the sunshine, feeling that for the first time in ages that the summer does not seem quite such an endless eternity away. Feeling smug that I had done a little bit of exercise and enjoyed it - Magic Moments!

boy and sister
Grumpy and DD#1
kids admiring the view
DD#1, DS#3 and friend admiring the view of our village from the forest
walkers - pic by Lucas Willmore
And back for prayers and tea