My first Hangout on Google + failing at the Andrex Washlets Challenge.

It was my first Google Hangout and I was extremely nervous. I found myself preparing for it like it was a first date. Hair washed, blow dried, straightened. Earrings chosen and makeup applied all before the school run so I could dash back and make my timeslot.

I had been invited to join in with the Andrex Washlets challenge which would be recorded to share with the world- I knew I would be given a list of words which I had to help another person guess with words and actions, avoiding certain key words. 

It was to be a Men vs Women challenge. My game partner, Uri from urbanvox, was a complete stranger to me having been chosen for me by the lovely folk at Flea Enterprises so I had no idea of his word-guessing capabilities. 
No subject taboo when we three get together!

I was interested to learn the blogger challenge came about after Andrex Washlets surveyed 2,000 British adults to analyse their conversation and found that nearly half of Brits (47%) shy away from having conversations about difficult subjects.

Apparently more of us would rather talk about mental health and sex than share our bathroom habits! The survey also found that women are generally much better at broaching difficult or embarrasing topics.  Well as a member of the so-called fairer sex I know that no subject is taboo (including anything Lady Garden related!) when women get together, whilst my husband admits that most of the talk in the pub revolves around footie, rugby, cricket and chainsaws. 

Back to the hangout - I moved my laptop around the house trying to find a good spot at the right height where the viewers wouldn't spot a big 'ole mess behind me and the light was good. Oh and I wouldn't flip said laptop off the surface with my wildly gesticulating arms - you'll see from the video I use my hands a lot when I talk.

I had a few technical issues delaying the start of the Hangout - as it was my first time I hadn't realised I would have to "accept terms and conditions" on the screen in front of me by scrolling down before my session began. Cue me hitting enter repeatedly and screeching at the screen until I accidentally scrolled down and saw the button I was meant to click. Doh! 

Then I realised I needed to have my list of words on another device so I could see Uri on the laptop screen so scrabbled frantically to power up the trusty iPad and prop it next to my laptop - hence lots of me glancing sideways in the video.

I won't give too much away but suffice it to say I don't think Uri and I will be winning any prizes for our frankly pathetic efforts but I did have an absolute blast and now can't wait to join another Hangout!

Check out our game here: Mobile users as always may need to click this link.

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