#whatsthestory Angels and Architecture

It's been a busy week work-wise -I have spent one evening supping cocktails and helping to promote a fun gel which is designed to enhance pleasure during "intimate times" with your partner then the next morning exploring the Sensing Spaces-Architecture Reimagined architectural exhibition at The Royal Academy.

Angel at Royal Academy
More about the fun sex gel another time - today I wanted to share a photograph I took at The RA -just snapped with my trusty iPhone as I was so hungover from the cocktail drinking the night before I forgot my Nikon D80! 

As you can see it is an angel. What you can't tell from this picture is that I was almost at ceiling height having climbed the steps incorporated into the wooden exhibit which had fascinating peep-holes - through which I took this snap.

It was one of 7 exhibits created by different architects and what was so amazing was that not only adults but children and even toddlers are encouraged to explore, touch, climb and interact with the pieces.

My favourite exhibit reminded me of a forest - as I ventured through dangling strips of fabric into the artwork the smell of fresh cut wood  was reminiscent of a forest. I don't want to spoil it for anyone thinking of going but think hidden rooms, crunchy textures, mirrors and lights -Alice in Wonderland meets Narnia. I loved it!

Another exhibit was interactive in that we were invited to add brightly coloured giant straws to it - some people had flattened, plaited, bent straws. I twisted three together and made an arch and walked away satisfied that I had added my own small mark on the piece.

The galleries have all sorts of extra features to make sure visitors get the most out of their visit. There are pre-loaded iPads, projected tid-bits of information and you can pick up fabulous art detective maps for older children. While I was there students sat on the floor and sketched, people just stood and gazed, photographers clicked and children scampered intrigued by the freedom this exhibit offers - everyone appreciating the art in their own way without being disturbed or offended by anyone else it seemed.

It is particularly suitable for children - making a change from the usual museum or theme park trip during half term. Children under the age of 12 go free so it needn't break the bank either! You can read more about the exhibition and book tickets by clicking here. The #SensingSpaces exhibition runs until April 6.

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