What TV Tribe do you belong to? #talktalk

So it's Sunday evening. I've tired of Twitter (yes, really!) and although I have the TV on there's nothing interesting enough to tear my attention fully away from the laptop. Which is why I'm writing this post instead of going to sleep like I should!
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You see I was distracted by a challenge from Talk Talk to take a quiz to discover my TV tribe. I filled in a few questions about my TV viewing and found that I'm apparently in just 12 per cent of TV viewers. I am an Elitist apparently. One who doesn't watch TV for the sake of it but loves documentaries and learning new things from TV. Hmm True. It also claims I never have the TV on in the background - errm - but that's exactly what's happening right now....

Apparently I like using catch up to record my programmes. Well this is true. The one thing I love to watch is... No, I'm too embarrassed to say. Well OK then. I hate to miss Holby City even though as an Elitist apparently I shouldn't like soaps. Which is what it is fundamentally. I hate to miss it so much I record it (I almost said tape it then but that would have given away how old I am!) and watch it, often tucked under my duvet in the daytime when the kids are at school. Yup - total me-time.

I often treat myself to a naughty snack - crisps or biscuits- while I watch it. Sometimes I save episodes for weeks ready for a day when a Fibromyalgia flare-up strikes so I can head straight back to bed after school hobble  run and indulge my Holby City habit all day!

This sounds immensely selfish but imagine how much in demand the remote control is when you have 7 children! Most of the time I end up watching Pokemon or Simpsons or find myself watching the end of Doc McStuffins even after Grumpy has left the room so I can see how the story ends.
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But my favourite TV moments come when the whole family settles down with curtains closed and lights off, popcorn or a takeaway at the ready to watch something together. 
Big Bang Theory is a big fave in our house, or a corny film. I share a love of The US Office with my older children and a secret fascination with Adventure Time.  And I'm not ashamed to say I am a sucker for a Disney film and can watch Enchanted as many times as my younger daughter wants me to! And sing along.

Those moments when our whole big family are together and united in laughing at something all together on the screen are precious. Television is one of those pastimes which we all enjoy. A rare treat in a family of 9 with ages ranging from 5 (Grumpy) to 50-something (DH).

And DH and I even use TV as an excuse for time away from our brood - for over a year now we have been meeting most weeks with some friends for what we have nick-named CCTV - Curry and Cr*p TV night. We gather at my friend's flat, order an Indian takeaway and choose some light-hearted TV, or a reality show, a cookery show or an unusual documentary to have on screen. We eat, we sometimes focus on the TV and sometimes discuss what we are watching but might equally ignore it and chat about stuff in the "real world" -it is the most relaxing way to spend an evening you could imagine! (especially since I normally go in my PJs!)

Madmumof7 and friend -at one of the first CCTV nights!
Not sounding so Elitist now am I? I bet you are wondering how you would fare in this quiz - good news you can have a go yourself by clicking here.
I'd love to know how you did - and if you agreed with the result - feel free to share in my comments section below!
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