Would you put the kids in charge? Butlin's has!

I sometimes wish I could let the kids have their way and put them in charge and wonder what would happen if I didn't intervene at all for a day to mutter about fresh air, healthy food and cleanliness.

 I'm guessing that they'd all lie in for a start. Apart from Grumpy who is proud of his record of being the first child up pretty much every morning. He announces that he always knows it's morning because he hears the birds going "Tweet tweet tweet." Yep. That would be the dawn chorus you are hearing.

Breakfast might be a bit hit and miss. Ranging from chocolate chip brioche to a full English cooked breakfast - can you imagine the mess? And of course by the time they'd finished that it would be almost lunchtime.

teen with X-box controllerI'm guessing the magic dishwasher fairy might have neglected to load, wash then unload the dishwasher so lunch would probably be on the old Thomas the Tank Engine or Tinkerbell melamine plates that lurk at the back of every parent's cupboard. Washed down with the EU's milk quota for 2014. My friend has always joked that she doesn't know why I don't just keep a cow in the garden and cut out the middle man.

I'd like the think they'd work off their food with a nice afternoon playing in the garden but since my youngest whines regularly that he "really wants to play on electricity" I think that realistically they would make a bee-line for any item which requires batteries. (On that note thank goodness for that pound shop's range of rechargeable batteries! I don't know where I'd be without those!)

Tea would be a call to the local takeaway. They know their order off by heart - Burger for the older boys, pizza to be shared by DS#3 and DS#4, chicken and chips for the girls and a carton of kebab meat for Grumpy. I sense a bottle of the brown fizzy stuff might be included too!

Bedtime? Hmm. My children are like me and on the whole are quite happy to go to bed. Maybe a bit later than normal after some TV. 

They might be a bit scruffy and smelly by the end of the day - like most parents I seem to have to daily remind them about teeth cleaning, hand washing, hair brushing, deodorant spraying and the need for clean underwear. But on the whole as I have brought them up to be independent I think they'd cope just fine!

Butlins obviously think putting kids in charge is a great idea - they've just appointed a 3-year-old Sophia Jade Carr as (High) Chairman to road test the new "Just for Tots" breaks being launched in April. Aimed at under-fives Butlins has designed the ultra-kid-friendly breaks perfect for those wanting an easy, enjoyable holiday with their pre-schoolers. Who better to test the breaks than an actual toddler?

More than 650 would-be bosses applied for the position but little Miss Carr was lucky enough to be chosen and will now testing out the bounciness of the beds, the tastiness of the tot-friendly menu from Annabel Karmel, cuddliness of the characters, splashiness of the water and slipperiness of the slides.

We are due to visit Butlins for the first time ever in May - I am an official Ambassador for the famous firm- so  will look forward to delivering our own report on the facilities. Although I don;t have any under 5 any more I'm sure many of the things that make the resorts perfect for younger children will also apply to my brood. 
Watch this space to see if we agree with the new (High) Chairman's opinions!