Gran - look away now! - Durex Real Feel Review

Warning! explicit post mentioning jiggly-jiggly adult activities, lady garden yuckiness and other cringy stuff of a personal nature.

If you are related to me you might want to skip this blog post. Yes Gran, Mum and any of my children who have stumbled upon this post - you'll probably want to give this one a miss as it's a little bit personal!

You see today I am reviewing condoms. Not just any condoms but the new RealFeel condoms from Durex- made from a technologically advanced non-latex material, transparent, lubricated, clinically proven and teat ended.
 Apparently designed to be easy on (they were) and comfortable to wear (no complaints from DH) and as a bonus, nicer smelling than other condoms.

As I explain in the video I have a good reason to be using this form of contraception. I am a couple of years into the menopause, have not had a period for months (sorry if that's TMI but I did warn you!)  but since I'm "only" 44 and still at risk of a rogue egg sneaking through until I've had a whole year or longer without a period I have been advised by my GP to use condoms as our form of contraception just to be extra sure we don't end up with a "menopause baby."

Anyway *looks round to make sure her relatives have left the room* here's my video review of the product - don't panic -there's no nakedness, no demo vegetables and nothing too explicit. Just an honest account of why I would use them and what I thought of them. I'll give you a clue - my DH has the biggest smile EVER right now!

Mobile users might have to click the link here.


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