Meaningful Chocolate and the "real" Easter.

I know it is still Lent and I apologise because I'm going to talk about Easter and chocolate eggs - but I hope when you see why you will let me get away with it. I'm going to tell you about Meaningful Chocolate.

Well all chocolate is meaningful to those who love it but this is extra-special- or should I say egg-stra special! *pauses while you all groan*

I'm talking about the Meaningful Chocolate Company's "real" Easter eggs which I was delighted to discover - so delighted I emailed the company to ask if I could write about them here.

You see I am Christian and very keen for people to understand what Easter is all about. And what it's not about is Power Rangers, Moshi Monsters, Thomas the Tank Engine or Tinkerbell, characters I've seen adorning eggs in just one shop today. It feels a bit wrong to me to involve Hello Kitty, One Direction or the Incredible Hulk in our joyous celebrations on Easter Sunday.

It's difficult as all their friends are excited, looking forward to their chocolate-fest on Easter morning  and I don't want my tribe to miss out. We do an egg-hunt at church with little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs but inevitably the children are also given "character" eggs with no clue on them about what the day is all about.

 My children go to church so they know the story and understand that Easter is about hope and new life and that the eggs can represent this. Eggs can also symbolise the stone which was rolled away from Christ's tomb, and when the chocolate is cracked open, the hollow egg can represent the empty tomb.

But many children probably just see the eggs as a way of eating chocolate decorated with their favourite TV characters, and think Easter is just another school holiday which is so sad as for Christians it is one of the most important and special and exciting and joyous days of the year, even more exciting than Christmas!

But now there is a great way to celebrate with the usual chocolate frenzy whilst learning more about this great and ancient festival.

 Launched in the year 2010 the Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter. The Meaningful Chocolate Company also gives a sizeable donation from profits and Fairtrade Premium fees to their farmers allowing them to invest in their own community.

And it's not just about being charitable - the Belgian chocolate in the eggs is tasty and smooth and instead of plastic tat or jellies you get a variety of "gifts" depending on the size of the egg. I was delighted to discover that in the 280g Special Edition egg (£9.99) you get a beautiful olive wood holding cross, made in Bethlehem along with a bar of Fairtrade milk chocolate with natural orange. In the 150g egg you get chunky milk chocolate buttons, a copy of the Easter story suitable for children or adults and the answer to the question:"Why do we celebrate Easter?"

The eggs are available from lots of retailers - click here to enter your postcode and find your nearest stockist or follow the link here to order from Traidcraft .

As a bonus, the Meaningful Chocolate website is packed with fun activities and information  - you can click here to download a template to help children make a "real" Easter card or click here  to"Crack Open Easter" - it's an interactive tool giving a step by step Bible-led way of digging deeper into the events both before and after the crucifixion.

There are also resources for teachers, youth leaders and ministers  and details about how you can explore the Christian faith further if you so wish.

In the meantime I am looking forward to Easter morning as I always do - I love the beauty and tradition of the 5.30am first fire service where we watch the sun rise and bring light back into the dark church,  and the excitement of the 10am service where we get to celebrate and sing and share our joy as a family with our friends.

And then, exhausted, I will crack open my Real Easter Egg and let its chocolatey loveliness give me the sugar rush I need to prepare food for the millions of people I seem to have invited for lunch!

Disclaimer: I was given free Easter Eggs to help me write this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.