22 years of marriage - a look back with wedding anniversary party ideas

It's our 22nd wedding anniversary today - what's that then? Playdough? Melamine? Well nothing I can make any claim for a jewellery based pressie anyway. And I've got a couple of years to go before I get engraved goblets and silver plated trays.

madmumof7 wedding
Shiny! Our wedding May 9 1992
Anyway, luckily we have a strong and happy marriage as I am actually 2000 miles away from my lovely DH while he is working and looking after our 7 children. Well, 5 really as the two eldest are over 18 now and one doesn't event live with us any more. We remind him of this frequently as he peers into our fridge hunting for a pre-dinner snack.

This is partly why we held a big celebration for 20 years of our marriage two years ago just before our eldest left home - it coincided with the year DH tuned 50 and DS#1 18.

The celebration was all done on a very tight budget. Thanks to talented and generous friends who worked, played and loaned stuff for free it actually cost only about £250 including the dress which I bought in a sale from my catalogue and sold almost immediately on eBay.

We are Christian so the day was based around a renewal of vows which if you watch the video was filled with smiles, children, bubbles and balloons. One of my best friends is a Priest- we planned the service together and having her leading it made the day extra special. Musical friends sang and played and I fought hard not to cry all the way through!

Then we moved into the Vicarage garden where there was a string quartet (more friends) playing and afternoon tea assembled by myself and some hardworking friends on £1 cardboard cake stands under borrowed gazebos.

The centrepiece was a mad cupcake anniversary cake kindly made by a lovely mum-pal, a professional baker who unexpectedly offered her services free one day as we huddled in the pre-school waiting area.

Photography (and the youtube video here) was provided, again free of charge by another fab mate, professional photographer  Karen Jenkins.

In the evening we had a fabulous disco thanks to our eldest who runs his own mobile disco company and a live band, Honeygene. DH has been friends with Phil from Honeygene for decades and we were so touched when they insisted on driving up from London and playing out in the sticks free of charge - they wouldn't even accept expenses.

I know it was two years ago but to everyone who contributed and came - From DH and myself -thank you thank you thank you. It was one of the happiest days of our married life.
And to my DH - doesn't really need saying I suppose, but I love you x