A is for Abandoned -The Alphabet Photography Project

A is for Abandoned in Anarita -I snapped this part of an old building on my way to a restaurant for dinner in Anarita, near Paphos at about 7pm Cyprus time on Monday as the sun was just starting to dip giving a lovely light on the buildings. 

The picture was taken just with my trusty iPhone 5s and has not been cropped or fiddled with in any way. There's lots of shadow but I quite like that as you get the feel of the sun just going down leaving the bottom of the wall in shade.

I tried to get a pic of the same window in moonlight but sadly the iPhone really couldn't cope with that and all I got was a black picture with a dot for the moon!

This post is linked to The Alphabet Photography Project run by the lovely and talented Charly Dove over at PODcast

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