Disney Sleeping Beauty new DVD/Blu-Ray/download release and a FREE activity sheet to download!

Unless you have been living on the moon for the past few decades you will have at least heard of the fantastic Disney classic "Sleeping Beauty" made in 1959 but still appealing to millions of wanna-be Princesses to this day.

In case you have been off the planet - the film is a musical fantasy, partly based on a  Tchaikovsky ballet, telling the story of a much-wanted child Princess Aurora cursed by a grumpy fairy but saved from the full curse of death on her 16th birthday by a good fairy and condemned only to sleep until woken by a true love's kiss.

There is a dragon, multi-coloured ball-gowns and of course a impossibly handsome Prince. What more could you need for a ripping good tale!

To this day Princess Aurora features heavily on Disney merchandise-my girls had an Aurora dress, and sunglasses,  bags, and play shoes.....It's such a classic story that little and not so little girls today still love it.

If yore a fan good news! Sleeping Beauty is being re-released on DVD, Blue-Ray and for download on Monday June 2, 2014 so if you haven't already got a copy for your little Prince or Princess (or yourself!) you can rectify that now- it's such a classic you and they will probably be showing it to their grandchildren!

The 75 minute disc and Blue-ray versions have lots of bonus features including Princess facts, the Tchaikovsky story, audio commentary, music and more, depending which version you buy

And to celebrate the new release madmumof7 has a downloadable activity sheet you can print off and use to entertain the little ones - perfect if the weather near you is as cold and rainy as it is here during this May half term holiday.

Click here to help Princess Aurora  through the Maze to find her way back to the castle.

Hope you have lots of fun!

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