Hexbug Havoc ipad/iphone game review

My children truly are a product of the digital revolution and although they love to bounce on the trampoline until I feel sick, and climb trees and play football on the green, they also loooove to use modern technology to entertain themselves.

teen playing iphone game
DS#3 playing iPhone games
Even 5-year-old Grumpy plaintively begs "to play on electricity" when the allure of spooning mud into a bucket of water to make snail food (yes really) has faded. And because I am only human I am more than happy sometimes to subdue my horror at the speed of the blinking light on the electricity meter in the name of half an hour of peace as they are all plugged into various gadgets which constantly seem to need charging as soon as they decide they want to play on them.

I did have to instigate a full iPad ban at one point as they all became obsessed and squabbled over iPad time so now it's a real treat for them to be able to play and I keep a close eye on what apps they are playing to avoid my precious storage being taken up with tree-crush or candy-world or whatever.

I also have an aversion to anything involving guns, zombies and wanton distruction of life generally so was very glad to learn of a new game for the iPhone, iPod  and iPad  featuring those cute robotic creepy-crawlers -Hexbugs.

Hexbug Havoc is absolutely free on the app store  for gadgets running iOS 4.0 or later -check app store small print for compatibility.  Gamers can race, battle and switch tracks with intuitive swipe and tap controls. It's an exciting and adaptable game which although was simple enough for my 5-year-old to enjoy was engaging and challenging enough to keep my 14 year-old engaged too!

In fact they all loved it so much that it briefly took us back to the iPad squabbles of 2013 but luckily we were able to download the app onto a selection of Apple devices which meant they could all play and chat about their progress as they played.

Check out DS#4's YouTube video review. He is 9 and particularly loved the game. I would recommend it as it is good clean fun - no exploding zombies at all but all of my children still enjoyed playing it.

Disclaimer: The Hexbug Havoc game is free to everyone on the app store but madmumof7 was offered Hexbug toys in return for this honest review. Views and opinions remain my own.

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