Only a few hours left to vote in the #Bibs2014

VOTE FOR ME BiB 2014 INNOVATE Right. I tried to think of an amusing and subtle way of doing this without sounding needy. But I have failed to manage that so here we go with a short but heartfelt plea.


If you already have - I thank you from the bottom of my bloggy heart. If you haven't. Serously? My begging and pestering hasn't worked? It works for most 2 year olds so I was SURE it would work with you lot.

If it is just a case of you thought you'd get round to it but haven't - today is your last chance. Voting closes tonight - Friday May 16th.

It only takes a minute and here's how to do it.

Click the link here

Fill in your name and email address (they won;t spam you or try and sell you double glazing I promise)

Scroll down categories, voting for your favourites which hopefully includes ME in the "INNOVATE" category. (category is quite a way down so be patient)

Resume normal life confident in the knowledge you've made a sad old bag very happy.

Thankyou x